A Tale of Two Countries

Austerity, Deficits, and Debt:  A Tale of Two Countries by Elliott R. Morss, Morss Global Finance Introduction Greece is involved in a series of austerity programs. And the US is considering austerity measures to keep it from “falling off the fiscal cliff”. The concern is even greater because nobody really knows what there is to …

Accounting for the Environment in Europe: Progress and Lessons

by Carolynn Look, Institute for Advanced Development Studies A kilo of tomatoes in Spain typically costs around €1.99. This price includes the efforts of the farmer who grew the tomatoes, transportation costs, and the work of the retailer. What it does not include is the cost of emissions as these tomatoes make their way across …

European Banking Union Proposal

The sovereign debt crisis has revealed severe flaws in the EU internal market. Common monetary policy has not been accompanied by the transfer of authority to supervise banks and risks of banks and states have become dangerously intertwined. This column summarises the proposal of the German Council of Economic Experts for a full banking union which aim at correcting these deficits.

Why Financial Repression Will Fail

The author – Ron Hera – argues that the financial repression will fail eventually. Financial repression occurs when governments channel funds into their own sovereign bonds in order to reduce debt levels through mechanisms such as directed lending, caps on interest rates, capital controls, debt monetization, or by other means. To establish his points, Mr. Hera catches readers’ attention towards “The Liquidation of Government Debt”, “Crisis and Consequence” and many other facts.

The Week That Was Stormy

Written by Stephen Swanson A shortened trading week was not affected by economic releases and during the past week we saw a slew of releases generally confirming our picture of stable but anemic growth but with hints of strength in the US and mixed signals from Europe and China and with risks posed by the …