Residential Building Sector Permit Growth Above Expectations in October 2013

Written by Steven Hansen Residential building permits s in October 2013 continues to show the industry growth – but the rate of growth continues to moderate. This is an abbreviated report as Census data was incomplete.

Age of Wisdom, Age of Foolishness

Housing Smoke and Mirrors (30)/Terminal Velocity (30) Written by Adam Whitehead, We have reached the point where the Housing Smoke and Mirrors and Terminal Velocity series, which have been running in parallel, have now converged into one story which will be followed under the appropriately named title “Age of Wisdom, Age of Foolishness”.

Housing Smoke and Mirrors (29) – “First-Hand Evidence”

Written by Adam Whitehead, “There is nothing like first-hand evidence.” First-hand evidence is leading to the observation that the American housing market began losing steam in August.  Further analysis leads to the conclusion that the Fed has created a problem for which it has no solution.

Terminal Velocity (26) “My Friend, I’ll Say It Clear”

Written by Adam Whitehead, Terminal Velocity “And Now the End Is Near” used the allegory of Federal Reserve Governors singing the from the same page (like the Rat Pack) but in the wrong order. The dissonance created ripples in capital markets; which became waves of much larger amplitude in the real economy. Terminal Velocity …