Debtonomics: Currency Crisis

An argument can be made that under our present circumstances analysis of the declining economic order is not particularly relevant: it is best to look forward rather than pick over the past, to let the current regime fall apart and build something new and better on the ruins.

Hopner’s neo-classical view of the euro crisis

Martin Höpner is head of a research group at the MPIfG (Max-Planck Institut for society studies). The research group is titled ‘political economy of European integration’. I read a short article by him (here)

Mises and Schumpeter: Friendly Rivals?

Ludwig von Mises and Joseph Schumpeter are the most famous economists trained by the older Austrian School, although generally Schumpeter has received the lion’s share of attention.This is especially true, for example, in the field of entrepreneurship.

Modern Money Illustrated

DIAGRAMS & DOLLARS Written by J.D. Alt, New Economic Perspectives Constructed from original Part 1 and Part 2. Click to enlarge 1. The “unsolvable” riddle of our National Budget Being an architect, I’m fascinated by diagrams visualizing things which otherwise are invisible. In designing a building we usually begin with diagrams to explore and understand …