Beyond the Pale

Age of Wisdom, Age of Foolishness (18)

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The Elephant in the European Living Room

Last week the United Nations was the stage for numerous politically correct speeches, from urbane Western diplomats, ostracizing President Putin in an attempt to place him “beyond the Pale” of 21st Century civilised politics. President Putin’s actions were placed in a frame of the most egregious acts by dictators of the 20th Century. Secretary Kerry went even further back in time to use the anachronism of the 19th Century[i]. All this rhetoric and seizure of the moral high ground completely ignored the reality on the ground in Ukraine; which has been ossified in social, political and economic terms in the anachronism that Putin has been accused of misrepresenting. Ukraine is in fact literally “beyond the Pale”. Continue reading “Beyond the Pale”

Herbert Spencer, Freedom, and Empire

by Bryan Cheang,

Herbert Spencer was born into a nineteenth-century world where the traditional logic of imperialism interacted with new developments like the Industrial Revolution, and new ideas like free trade and liberalism that emerged out of the Enlightenment of the previous century. The key to understanding Spencer’s importance is to realize that he was a radical proponent of laissez faire, individualism, natural rights, and capitalism.

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Primer on Ukraine’s Economic Troubles

by Timothy Taylor, Conversable Economist

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the prospect of a combustible great powers confrontation, the natural reaction of any economist is: “So what’s up with Ukraine’s economy, anyway?” Let other people look at maps; I look at economic statistics.

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Preliminary March 2014 Michigan Consumer Sentiment Falls Short of Expectations

by Doug Short, Advisor Perspectives/

The University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment preliminary number for March came in at 79.9, a decline from the 81.6 February final. Today’s reading was below the forecast of 82.0. The index is off its 85.1 interim high set in July of last year.

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