Reducing Healthcare Costs in India: Distruptive Technology and Business Model Innovation

Entreprenuerial activities in rural areas of India have the potential to create significant economic growth for that country. One example is discussed in detail involving dramatic advances in the availability of low cost health care through the implementation of wireless network technology.

Economic consequences of speculative side bets: The case of naked CDS

The role of naked credit default swaps in the global crisis is an ongoing source of controversy. This column seeks to add some formal analysis to the debate. Its model finds that speculative side bets can have significant effects on economic fundamentals, including the terms of financing, the likelihood of default, and the scale and composition of investment expenditures.

India – Sterling Demographic Dividend Or Potential Time Bomb?

Demographics favor rapid growth in India as more than half of the population is under age 25. However, managing sufficient growth to develop this demographic dividend without employment shortfalls that might possibly lead to social unrest could be a challenge.