Initial Unemployment Claims: Mainstream Reports are False and Absurd

by Lee Adler, The Wall Street Examiner The reporting of first time claims today was absolutely absurd. Media reports shouted that claims had reached a new low. The only problem was that the report was categorically false. The huge drop in claims to a reported 350,000 for the week ended July 7 was purely a result …

China: More Evidence of a Hard Landing

by Guest Author Russ Winter, Winter Watch at The Wall Street Examiner The latest container shipments into the port of Los Angeles and Long Beach confirm that China (and Asia) is no longer nearly as much in the game. Inbound is down 10% from last year and 20% from the same month in 2007.  (hat …

Retail Sales Reports Give Me Gas

by Lee Adler

It just doesn’t get any more bullish than today’s retail sales report. Or so you would think if you only read the mainstream media reports. “More spending at online stores such as Amazon and electronics and applicance stores boosted retail sales by 0.5% in October, following a strong 1.1% surge in September,” shouted Marketwatch. “Retail sales rose more than projected in October as American shoppers gave the economy a boost at the start of the fourth quarter, “enthused Bloomberg. The Wall Street Journal was a little less effusive: “U.S. retail sales rose in October as Americans spent their dollars at electronics stores and on the Internet.”