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  5. It
    can be argued that the scope and severity of the financial crisis was worsened
    by the banking system’s “too-big-to-fail” problem. A firm is too-big-to-fail
    when it becomes so deeply rooted to the economy and the financial system that
    the government would need to provide emergency assistance to prevent
    catastrophic failure. The greatest problem with too-big-to-fail is the increase
    in moral hazard and the decrease in market discipline. These firms are
    incentivized to take on more risk than they would if there were no prospect of governmental
    rescue. If a TBTF firm were to fail, the momentum would shake the entire financial
    system and create the potential for contagion. As we witnessed in the financial
    crisis of 2008-09, the failure of Lehman Brothers created a ripple effect that
    generated direct losses for counter parties and fire sales of assets held by
    other leveraged institutions. During this time, markets came under great
    stress, asset prices fell sharply, credit flows dried up, and unemployment
    this is not a new problem. The issue of too-big-to-fail has been festering deep
    within the financial system for a long time now. During the period leading up
    to the financial crisis, there was insufficient attention to the risks building
    up in the financial system. The regulatory and supervisory framework, as it
    was, could not keep up with the accelerating changes in size, complexity,
    interconnectedness and globalization of the financial system. In addition,
    inadequate capital and liquidity regulation resulted in lax balance sheet requirements.
    Banks lacked the capacity and resources to absorb large shocks.
                In the years following the financial
    crisis, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was
    introduced to eradicate the too-big-to-fail problem. The act aims to better prepare for
    threats to financial stability by shifting towards a more macro-prudential
    approach in supervision. It plans to mitigate threatening situations through
    prudential regulation and supervision of the largest financial firms. The act
    will reduce SIFI’s probability of failure as well as reduce their effect on the
    financial system in the event of a failure. Finally, the Act plans to improve
    the resilience of financial markets and infrastructure by improving
    transparency, stability, and oversight of financial market utilities.

  6. CONCLUSION :-         ” Downward trend in world  economy  is  likely to be   in mild form during 
    November, 2014 to April, 2015, to grow  somewhat intense during  May, 2015
    to  October, 2015, becomes harsh during November, 2015 to July, 2016.
    Such areas of life as  minerals and metals, foodcrops,  energy resources , defence and security of nations are likely to bear the brunt of these trends. 
    Collective wisdom in decision making, communication systems, aviation industry,  and the cinema , music and TV industries   are also , in addition,  likely to be  touched by   these trends.
     Countries or regions whose names begin with the letters B , E , EU,  N,  O, P, U or V may need to implement multilevel approach to challenges during this period”.
     This is the substance or salient feature of my article – ” Stressful times ahead for world economy in 2015 and 2016″- published  online  on June 2, this year at

  7. New documentary: “Black Church, Inc.: Prophets for Profit and the urgency of spotlighting the problem of African-American religion exploitation.  Please check it out, and share it with your readership if you think it worthwhile reporting.  I stumbled on it a few days ago.  However, I’ve been doing my own railing against the appalling exploitation and private inurement going in too many Black churches, while neighborly outreach and ethics seem like foreign concepts.  The following are abstracts from my website post entitled: “Let the Church of Jesus Christ Say: “Amen” –Others Say: “Oh My”!” I didn’t write it because I think I’m perfect, but because I felt a need to speak up:
    It is critical to call out / shine spotlights on pulpit orators, conniving wives, and people who facilitate spiritually grievous activities! And shame on the (jail house?) ‘preachers’ who formerly were inmates, are not bothering to scratch the surface as far as what can be done regarding Louisiana’s prison capital situation and their families! And an increasing WORSE BLACK CHURCH PROBLEM is unless there’s Federal Funding  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ for which “Let’s Make A Deal” preachers & families can PRETEND to help people– skinnin’ & grinnin’ preachers are not phased that members of their churches struggle with problems for which those members don’t know how to handle.  It’s not to say the church should solve people’s issues (although as a church family if gossip and lack of love wasn’t such church problems, “reasoning together” could help one another!)  but too many pastors have become too removed from their members for purpose of becoming full time “entrepreneurs.”
    The alarm and FEDERAL PROSECUTIONS need to happen regarding the pervasive fact that for too many Black Preachers are involved in NONPROFIT FEDERAL FUNDING FRAUD under pretense of giving shelter to people who were NEVER homeless (like hurricane-displaced me!!! ), feeding & educating the poor HAS BECOME a magnificent way of tax evasion and money laundering under pretense of helping disadvantaged people.  And such preachers utilize religion manipulation and congregations to divert attention away from federal funding frauds and attack victims for not cooperating with being defrauded, and for being impediments to funding fraud schemes!  Instead of HELPING people with those federal funds, the Black Preachers and allies on their payrolls HURT, and sometimes worsen people’s lives –particularly in times of disaster relief funds given to faith-based organizations when floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, or any catastrophe occurs!!!
    Also, in a sense, for some church members, matter like these are their prisons: sexual identity and confusion insurmountable debt suicide, homicide thoughts loneliness medical conditions jailed loved-ones incest and molestation domestic violence AIDS slum landlords worry fear BULLIED AT THEIR WORKPLACES! rodent infestations gambling, pharmaceutical, substance addiction –some of people’s troubles are linked to disconnect they feel at churches (unless they’re “prominent” in society). Ironically,  FAME-SEEKING PULPIT CELEBRITIES who climb social ladders by means of their –not God’s pulpit, pretty much are saying to their flock: “good luck with ALL that.”
    Furthermore, people who hasten to interject that people are in their predicaments because of their poor choices –the “GO ALONG, TO GET ALONG FOLK” who are selfishly “at ease in Zion”.  Much of the issue with people who assert the “poor choices” mantra, are those who make a practice of “passing by on the other side,”(-Luke 10:31-32) while looking away from hurting people with disdain.  And even worse, is the shocking, shameless people who form nonprofits, and then obtain skilled grant writers so they can acquire federal and state funding –to enrich themselves and their families with help their favorite politician and courtroom judges.
    But even if peoples’ choices caused their predicament, should someone’s grandmother or auntie be involved in an auto accident because someone was so overwhelmed with his or her sorrows he / she drank alcohol?
    **abstract from  “Let the Church of Jesus Christ Say: “Amen” –Others Say: “Oh My”!”

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