Weekly Highlights 10 June 2011

This is the table that accompanies the weekly economic review article at Global Economic Intersection: What’s Up With Employment?

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Item Headline Analysis
Democracy Manifesto

Frank Li shares his ideas to making democracy work in the USA
May Exim Prices

Import prices are up 12.5% YoY – Export Prices are up 9%
April Wholesale Sales
Wholesale sales appears stronger than manufacturing and retail???
April Trade Balance
Small improvement may be result of a slowing USA Economy
Economic Surveys
Menzie Chinn walks through WSJ and Philly Fed Economist’s surveys
May Diesel Use
Ceridan-UCLA says the economy is slowing down

Did JOLTS forewarn of May’s bad employment data?
May Railroad Traffic

Indicates economy did not grow
April Consumer Credit

Consumer Credit contraction may have ended
Oil Price Manipulation

James Hamilton reviews the ongoing CFTC action against Nicholas Wildgoose and James Dyer
Consumer Metrics

Rick Davis reviews the CMI index
US & European Debt

Andrew Butter suggests Greece could bust the ECB
Global Wine Production

Elliott Morss details current global wine imports and exports

Michael Pettis overviews the current debt crisis
India & Pakistan

Ajay Shah looks at freedom of speech in India & Pakistan
Euro Crisis

Elliott Morss makes some predictions on the PIIGS debt crisis
Cost to Educate

Rick Davis says education cost and associated student debt may be limiting economic growth

Michael Pettis suggests RMB use in strength is fueled by speculation

Michael David White discusses whether current housing crisis is worse than the Great Depression
Tiananmen Square
Frank Li describes China’s journey 22 years after the infamous Tiamamen Square episode
American Middle Class

Robert Reich claims America’s challenge is to restore the middle class
Critical Analysis in Viewing Reports

Robert Huebscher shows how an annuity research report went bad
NYSE Margin Debt

Doug Short shows margin debt growth is a warning
Investor Sentiment

Guy Lerner charts out the market position
Stock Charts

Erik McCurdy explains medium term equities outlook
European Investing

MacroTides looks at the current pitfalls of European Investing
Economic Tipping Point

Jeff Miller focuses on what is important