Weekly Highlights 20 May 2011

This is the table that accompanies the weekly economic review article at Global Economic Intersection:  Inflation About to Grab Hold?

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Item Headline Analysis
Global Doom & Gloom

According to European think-tank LEAP/Europe 2020, a major financial crisis is coming
Selecting New IMF Head

Clive Corcoran believes China’s monetary isolation sidelines their ability to influence selection of a new IMF head
May Philly Fed Business Survey
Less Good
Likely not excellent, but better than the pundits suggest
April Conference Board Leading Economic Index
Less Good
Not sure this index is properly indicating current economic conditions
April Existing Home Sales
Could be flat, but definitely not a great start to the high home buying season
Oil Prices

James Hamilton discusses pricing dynamics and the current downward trend

Elliott Morss points to growing population obesity rates and its implications
CPI & Spending

Doug Short correlates inflation and spending
April Industrial Production
How much did inflation and the Japanese disaster play into these disappointing numbers
April New Home Construction
The data is showing new home construction is bottoming
May Empire State Manufacturing
less good
Core elements in the data do not show any change to moderate growth
Vegetable Nutrition

Elliott Morss shoots holes in current nutritional food scoring systems

Rick Davis’ Consumer Metric Daily Growth Index continues to contract

A combined economic view of the dark side of inflation
Global Power

Elliott Morss reviews the fragmentation of the power of traditional nation states
Restarting Real Economic Growth

Rick Davis recommends reformulating the economy with more financial control by Main Street
Pricing versus Leverage

Steve Waldman explains how leverage puts business in a position where it cannot adapt to economic cycles

L Randall Wray discusses options for resolving Ireland’s economic dilemma.
USA Empire

Elliott Morss points out that 13,644 registered lobbyists stand in the way of proper governance.
Secular Cycles for Stocks

Ed Easterling reminds that cycles govern how investors should invest
Market Caution

Erik McCurdy runs through the warning signs of a possible market decline