Weekly Highlights 13 May 2011

This is the table that accompanies the weekly economic review article:  An Alternate View of the Trade Balance Trend.

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Item Headline Analysis
April Consumer Price Index
The 3.2% YoY price increase is almost all caused by energy, food and autos
April Sea Container Counts
7% year-over-year growth for both imports and exports
Dollar Index

Guy Lerner argues a trend reversal is occuring

Warren Mosler postulates how QE2 is based on false economic dynamics
March Business Sales
Up 11% with inflation likely half – but half is great also
April Producer Price Index
PPI increased 1% to 6.8%
April Advance Retail Sales
More than half of the 7.8% retail increase is inflation and holidays
March Trade Balance
Record exports could not overcome inflation
Jobs dynamics have not started recovering except job openings
April Diesel Use
Small Rise
On road diesel use less good may be caused by more trailer on railroads
May Home Prices
Seasonal spring time home price improvement underway according to Altos Research
March Home Prices
Prices down 7.5% nationally according to CoreLogic
April Small Business Sentiment
NFIB reports second bad month in a row of business sentiment
March Wholesale Sales
Massively Up
Sales are ballistic even considering inflation
April EXIM Price Index
Rising Big Time
Import prices were up 11%
April Railroad Car Loadings
Up 3.8% lead by intermodal – traditional railcar loads down
1Q2011 Consumer Credit
5th consecutive quarter of less bad delinquencies
Bank Capital

Zaiham Zamil claims capital requirements miss the point that asset valuations matter
USA Empire

Elliott Morss argues the sun may be setting on the USA
Freedom of the Press

Karl Denninger presents the facts on the WSJ’s re-editing of the words of Finish political leader Timo Soini
Economic Dogma

Dirk Ehnts believes we need rebuild the foundations of economics
Mortgage & Bank Fraud

William Black interview on KCRW Los Angeles

Albertarocks suggests the great commodity unwind is coming

Elliott Morss points out where to invest
Home Prices

Keith Jurow reviews when it is right for investors to jump into the real estate market

Erik McCurdy charts out the rise and fall of commodities