Weekly Highlights 01 April 2011

This is the table that accompanies the weekly economic review article: Japan’s Fate Subject to the Winds:

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Item Headline Analysis
March ISM Manufacturing Down slightly Likely the same MoM due to seasonal adjustmet
February Construction Spending Down Historically very bad
March Employment Moderate Growth Rate of Growth may be as good as it gets
February Manufacturing Down Moderately strong manufacturing data
March Home Prices Up Strongest seasonal rise for several years
March ADP Jobs Moderate Growth Matches BLS jobs data
April Economic Forecast Rate of growth flat
March Conference Board Consumer Sentiment Down Big drop in sentiment this month
January Case-Shiller Home Prices Down All home price indices declining
February Pending Home Sales Up Just Wrong – index is down
February Personal Income Squeeze in disposable income
February PCE Improving Improving at a tortoise pace
Renminbi Proper evaluation may be a function of elements which effect the rate of savings or spending
GDP Walking through the relationship of the components of GDP
Unemployment for College Graduates Graduates are unable to upgrade jobs when economy improves
Asia Investing Elliott Morss reviews relative potential between the tiger economies
Investing Preview Jeff Miller looks at the week ahead
Gold Erik McCurdy looks at gold’s potential
Europe Economy Dirk Ehnts looks at lower inflation in higher debt countries
Book Review “Exorbitant Privilege” Economic Growth for the USA is advised – but how?
Banking Elliott Morss looks at TBTF and who has not paid back TARP borrowing
Dollar Index Guy Lerner says dollar decline is manageable
China Loan Growth Michael Pettis believes loan growth is about to increase