Weekly Highlights 3/18/2011

This is the table that accompanies the weekly economic review article:  Japanese Meltdown Will Inhibit Recovery.

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Item Headline Analysis
February Leading Economic Indicator  Up Not indicating real economy dynamics
March Philly Fed Survey  Up New Orders at record levels
February Industrial Production  Down In this case down is up – manufacturing improved
February Consumer Price Index  Up 2.1% Energy & food driving forces
February Producer Price Index  Up 5.6% Again driven by food and energy
February New Housing Permits  Down The data is bad and the trend remains down
February Sea Container Counts  Up Although up, data is much less good in February
February Import/Export Prices Up USA is exporting inflation
January Home Prices  Down CoreLogic says prices fell 5.7%
March Empire State Survey  Up Everyone’s eyes are on Japan
Exchange Rate Appreciations    Currency appreciations can cure global imbalances
Global Crisis    What we think are important relate to energy
January JOLTS    Shows why January Jobs Report was so bad
Oil Prices    How Libyan unrest will play out in energy prices
Dividend Paying Stocks    How dividends stabilize portfolio returns
Market Volatility   Jeff Miller questions if it is time to head to the door?
U.S. Equities    Eric McCurdy says market broke support levels
India   Ajay Shay suggests how to break bad governance
MERS Crisis    William Black points out unintended consequences of mortgage industry actions
U.S. Dollar    Michael Pettis discusses the future of the world reserve currency
Economic Theory    L Randall Wray discusses reasons economics has gone astray