Weekly Economic Review Summary Table

This table is contained in the GEI weekly economic review article:  “Equity Market Movements & Free Trade“. 

Weekly Economic Scorecard:




February Retail Sales Up Up – No Impact from Energy
January Business Sales  Up  All components of business strong
January Trade Deficit  Grew Moderately Both Imports and Exports at January’s highs
January Wholesale Trade  Up Exceeded pre-recession peak for the last 3 months
February Diesel Usage  Down Are rising fuel prices effecting economic growth?
February Small Business Sentiment  Up Improving but still remains in recessionary territory
January Consumer Credit  Up Up only because of government loans for education
Bernanke and G-20    Elliott Morss:  Capital flows are important in determining dollar value
February Rail Traffic  Up YoY Rail traffic being compared to strong 2010 growth
Muni Bond Defaults    Will defaults happen as Meredith Whitney predicts?
Investing with a System    Jeff Miller:  You must have a system to be successful
Investing – the Week Ahead    Jeff Miller talks about role of energy for markets this week
U.S. Dollar    Eric McCurdy:  dollar could be on the verge of a breakdown
Dollar Overvalued    Elliott Morss:  There are conflicting views
Insurance and Banking    London Banker on risk, resiliency and harmonization
Federal Budget   

John Lounsbury:  Why not have a popular vote?