2 replies on “November 2013 Trade Data Shows A Mixed Picture”

  1. As you can see the company or country has to make profit in order to mantain a good economy. The USA has to export more then import.
    Quintus Borgman

  2. @Quintus Borgman 
     I was going to let your statement go unchallenged, but it is no more factual than those who say the trade deficit does not matter. It is combinations of economic dynamics that determine health of an economy. Not many companies print currency – so there is little comparison to a country which produces its own currency to a business.   
    I do believe a country which exports more than they import has an economic advantage. but an export driven economy will not last forever because other dynamics come into play, see japan: http://bit.ly/1eiyFOT   If it were as simple as trade balance being the determining factor, then Japan should not have not have had rapid debt growth beginning in the 1990s. Japan is currently in its 15th month of trade deficits.  
    If you read the caveats again on the above post, you will see that there is no growth occurring on the trade balance. My weekend post also deals with this subject (will be out saturday on this website). The usa seems to be on its way to a balanced trade – and still the economy is producing jobs at far below its historical rate of job growth.
    steven hansen

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