Econintersect’s Analysis Summary for w/e 17 December 2010

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Item Headline Analysis
Leading Economic Indicator Increased 1.1%  
New Residential Construction Permits down 4% Lower than levels seen in many decades – and still not near the bottom of the decline
Philly Fed Business Survey Business Conditions  better than the 90’s Unbelievable – Literally
Transport – Sea Container Counts   Exports are truly an economic green shoot
Wealthiest States   Wealth is concentrated but shifting to more rural areas
Empire State Manufacturing Went from terrible to great in one month Read for entertainment purposes only
Industrial Production Increased 0.4% Flat for the last two months
Consumer Price Index Increased 1.1% YoY Hides the squeeze on Joe Sixpack from productivity
Small Business Optimism growing More is needed than an uptick in optimism
FOMC Meeting   Nothing new
Retail Sales Increase 0.8% Solid increase but worry about December sales
October business sales Up 1.4% sales were flat
Producer Price Index Up 3.5% YoY Price increases being absorbed in the manufacturing chain
India GDP Growth in 2010   Appears growth will exceed 10%
Eurozone   Exploring options to solve bond crisis
Developing Country financial systems   Creating more efficient financial systems
USA mortgage crisis   Interview with Yyes Smith
America’s Path   You will not like it

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