Household Incomes Below $30,000

by Catherine Mulbrandon, Visualizing Economics

Editor’s Note: Catherine Mulbrandon has created innovative graphic designs to produce visualizations of economic facts and data and unique infographics.  Her work can be presented through graphics with a minimum of explanatory text.

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The poverty rate in 2013 is defined as household income below $23,550 per year for a family of four ($29,440 in Alaska).  Looking at the the poverty rate by county there are concentrations of very low income households  in places like Mississippi, Texas, and South Dakota.

The following graphic is for household incomes below $30,000, approximately 1.27 times the poverty level (just above the poverty level for Alaska).

Click on graphic for larger image.From page 63 of An Illustrated Guide to Income in the United States.

It looks like a number of these households are headed by retired people.

  • 33% of these households are headed by someone over 65 year or over compared to the national avg of 21%
  • 60% of the time the householder (i.e.  person who owned, rented, or maintained the housing unit) did not work for pay in 2010
  • 47% are “Owner Occupied” i.e. the person who owns the home lives there.
  • 54% Are either living alone or living with a someone they are not related to.

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