Econintersect’s Analysis Summary for w/e 10 December 2010

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Item Headline Analysis
International Trade in Goods and Services Trade gap narrowed Exports Increased while imports decreased
Global Bond Market
Growing Issues globally without an end-game plan. The can is just being kicked down the road
z.1 Flow of Funds Debt grew Wealth of Joe Sixpack grew
Wholesale Trade Up 2.2% Flat
Livingston Survey Downgraded economic forecasts Comparable toFed Reserves forecast
Some stimulus actually causes economic contraction
European Economic Crisis
A digest of potential outcomes
China Education
Chinese education now best in the world
Government Bailout of Private Sector Business
Exploring when it is acceptable for government intervention
Consumer Credit Grew 1-3/4% Grew only because government now holds 13% of all consumer credit
Diesel Use Grew 0.4% Trend line shows economy’s expansion has slowed
Government Printing Press
right on the verge of debt deflation taking hold via a housing double dip and negative equity
Unpayable Debt
Debt most be monetized to provide relief to the productive elements
Railroad Traffic YoY improvements less good Indication of a slower growing economy
Use of Credit
The trouble is credit was used for consumption, not production
The economy will not recover until we start jailing white collar criminals
Euro Crisis
two solutions
Mortgage Servicing
Broad new action is needed

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