2 replies on “August 2012 Trade Data: Both Imports & Exports Weak”

  1. you really are a good economist Steve. anywho i’m not disappointed in the trade numbers (unlike Zero Hedge) and i really think there is a powerful internal dynamic that while darn near infintesimal population wise is statistically significant vis a vis the US economy…namely the age of oil dependency is going to die a loud but still dying death. it’s not much to hang the hat on because it really doesn’t effect all that number of people…and obviously hoping against all hope that “all those other people are more oil dependent that we are” is a fool’s errand indeed. anywho i think the flood of foreign capital into the USA is proceeding apace…i think there is an awesome amount of productivity “to be advanataged” in the US economy. Anything that points this obvious truth out is in my view a net positive.

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