Weekly Highlights 13 January 2012

This table accompanies the weekly review article at Global Economic Intersection. This week the article is “China, India: A Hard Landing Is Very Unlikely“.

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Recession Forecasting: How accurate are existing models, a look at a good model
December Trade Balance: Trade Balance Grows but overall data looks good
December Export / Import Price Index: Prices continue to moderate
January Preliminary Michigan Sentiment: Larger rise than expected
December Retail Sales: Well below expectations but not terrible
November Business Sales / Inventories: Rate of growth remains constant
Recession Forecasts: Critical look at the basis of those saying a recession is coming
November Wholesale Sales: Remains the strongest segment of the economy
December Diesel Sales: PCI Index says 4Q2011 GDP between 0% and 2%
November JOLTS: Positive jobs picture becoming “less good”
Global Trade: When will global trade balances reverse?
November Consumer Credit: Now growing at fastest rate since October 2008
Repurchase Agreements: A major issue not addressed with Dodd-Franks
Job Guarantees: Can modern economies afford not to guarantee jobs?
2011 Rail Traffic: Rail counts at year end push growth to 3.6%
Implications: How will the Richard Cordray appointment effect stocks?
T-Bonds: Is 2012 the time to load up?
German DAX: Can it continue to diverge from financial index?
Euro: Will the Euro / USD currency pair go to $1.10?
USA Dollar: How to trade the dollar rally
Europe Effect on USA: How to play the risk
News Releases on Major Companies: What will effect stock prices?
USA Foreign Policy: Is it flawed in the Middle East?
India: Inflation is set to drop dramatically
USA Post Office: A simple solution to save the post office
Privatization Schemes: Just another way to feed the banksters?
European Central Bank: Should they be trusted?
Spain: Is anything you read true?
Private University Education: Why choose private over public?

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