Weekly Highlights 16 December 2011

This table accompanies the weekly review article at Global Economic Intersection. This week the article is “Arguing For the Coming Recession“.

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Latvia: A look at their successful macroeconomic policies? – Not
USA States: Which ones are doing better in recovering?
November Consumer Price Index: Up 0.0% MoM, Up 3.4% YoY, Core Up to 2.2%
November Industrial Production: Down slightly month-over-month
December Philly Fed Business Survey: Index has improved slightly
December Empire State Manufacturing Survey: Strong improvement in this index
November Producer Price Index: Finished goods annual inflation rate down to 5.7%
November Import / Export Prices: Continued moderation of annual inflation rate
Global Emissions: A look at the biggest offenders
October JOLTS: Continues to point to continued employment growth
October Business Sales and Inventories: Moderate growth and average inventories
November Retail Sales: Not good, not bad – inflation adjusted growth 2.4%
November Ceridan-UCLA Index: Continues to show weak growth
Indian Rupee: Is the central bank effective in currency control?
Euro Crisis: Did last week’s meeting change anything?
Consumer Consumption: Does wealth govern consumer behavior?
Long Island Housing: Is there a lot more to come out of the bubble?
November Rail Traffic: Solid 3% annual growth
Central Banks: David Stockman speaks out on the European menace.
Current Markets: Not for the faint of heart – what is happening?
Gold Miners: Will they ever shine again?
Economic / Investing Direction: The data is mixed and focus remains on Europe
Corporate Activities: What should be affecting stock prices this past week?
Jim Rogers: The contrarian view of the global crisis
Corruption: What rises to the level of corruption – did the Iraq War?
Eurocrisis: A philosophic European look
Eurocrisis: A critical commentary on German policy
Americans Elect: Is this a non-biased organization or a political front?
Fed Reserve Secret Loans: Is $7.7 trillion a fantasy?
Occupy Wall Street: What constitutes lawful use of force?
Eurocrisis: The actual market reaction does not match expectations.