Weekly Highlights 09 December 2011

This table accompanies the weekly review article at Global Economic Intersection. This week the article is “Fixing the Eurozone – Old Fashioned Inflation and Deflation“.

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

USA Employment: Has the mal-investment bubble deflated -time for growth?
Preliminary December UM Consumer Sentiment: Rises to a six month high
October Trade Balance: Trade is showing little sign of a global recession
USA China Economic Review: China is holding $3 trillion in reserves
October Consumer Credit: Small Growth but mostly fueled by student loans
October Wholesale Sales: Strong, even inordinately strong against other releases
Great Debate: Krugman vs Summers – Will the USA mirror Japan?
Healthcare: USA cost now at $8160 per person and rising
Global Warming: Non-linear climate change should be a worry.
November ISM-Non Manufacturing: Index erodes but key elements up
October Manufacturing New Orders: Up slightly, not recessionary
Climate Change: A study of the economic effects of climate change
Housing Affordability: Is a cheap house a good house?
China: Was its growth model fueled by misallocation of resources?
Mergers and Acquisitions: A look at what is going on in Canada
Eurozone Summit Week: Failure to act means that it might already be too late?
Market Surge: Is it time to jump in the market?
Fed’s Expanded Swaps:  Should investors be concerned the Fed is trying to save the world?
Market Movers: A look at developments that move stock values
Corporate Balance Sheets: Are they actually the strongest in history?
Gold: A current look at the miners
Unemployment Rate: Do the Media or the politicians understand?
Europe: Transition From Social Democracy to Oligarchy
Emerging East Europe: Will it follow 1997 Emerging Asia?
Bankers: Are they causing a backlash of activism and legitimacy?
IMF: Is Europe lending to IMF which lends back to Europe printing money?
Evolving Markets: Do we really understand where we need to go to improve returns?
Saving the Euro: Are there silver bullets?