Weekly Highlights 02 December 2011

This table accompanies the weekly review article at Global Economic Intersection. This week the article is “A Hint of Sunshine In December Outlook“.

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Great Debate: Does Government Create Uncertainty and Prolong the Recession?
November BLS Jobs Report: Unemployment 8.6%, Non-farm payroll 120,000
October Construction Spending: Subject to revision, first YoY growth in 48 months
November ISM Manufacturing: Above expectations indicating improving growth
October Pending Home Sales: Indicates continuing improvement in sales volumes
November ADP Employment: Shows a significant improvement of 206,000
December 2011 Economic Forecast: Weak growth continuing but strengthening
November Conference Board Consumer Sentiment: Improving but still bad
September Case-Shiller: Home prices declined 3.6% year-over-year
Energy Transitions Part 1: Are we transitioning to a new source of energy?
Energy Transitions Part 2: What are the possible energy technology solutions?
Energy Transitions Part 3: What investments are being made in energy?
Great Debate: A spirited debate on whether governments should own the banks
Response to Great Debate: Was the Great Debate too personal?
October New Home Sales: 5 months now of improving sales
Markets: Is a December rally likely?
Global Bear Markets: October recap listing markets from bad to worse
October Global Markets: October was a wonderful month for most global markets
Warren Buffett: What is he buying and should you be buying too?
US & Europe: Each have different potential
USA Democracy: What does America & American Airlines have in common?
USA Banks: TARP funds repaid – so were they really bailed out?
The Great Recession: The Fed Admits they did not see it coming
ECB: They cannot creat inflation no matter what they do
Greece: Is it that simple that Greece just issue their own currency
Bankers: Do they Own the government
Employment: Is full employment possible?