Weekly Highlights 25 November 2011

This table accompanies the weekly review article at Global Economic Intersection. This week the article is “The Coming of a Economic Firestorm?“.

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

USA Congress: America’s professional inside traders
November UM Consumer Sentiment: Almost Unchanged from Preliminary
October Personal Consumption Expenditures: Grew but Income grew more
October Durable Goods: Continues to show the consumers is still consuming
3Q2011 Per Capita Disposable Income: Is this the canary-in-the-coal-mine?
3Q2011 GDP: Down to 2.0%, what happened to investments?
European Central Bank: Unable to play a zero sum game
October CFNAI: This super coincident index shows weak not recessionary growth
October Existing Home Sales: Home prices down 4.6%
Reforming USA Financial System: Start by applying existing law
October Retail Sales: Mass media’s headlines are wrong
Housing Crisis: Lies are easier to believe than the truth
Consumption: Is it savings that drive the economy?
Investments: Where to put your money with a European economic slowdown
Electricity: Is Hydro power an ignored technology?
Sears Holding: A time to buy?
China: Remains a key market for investors
European Central Bank: Markets await their moves
MF Global: Is this just the tip of the iceberg?
Congressional Super-committee: Was it designed to fail?
Spain: Can austerity fuel growth?
Christmas In Europe: Will Greece be naughty or nice?
Austrian Economics: A parody of faux Austrian economics
USA Deficit Spending: Should the growing debt be reversed?
ECB: Should its primary task be preserving the value of the Euro?
Global Assets: $30 trillion is about to vanish