Weekly Highlights 18 November 2011

This table accompanies the weekly review article at Global Economic Intersection. This week the article is “House Prices Have a Way to Fall“.

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Container Counts: Troubling contraction in import container volumes
Greece: It is easy for Greece to exit the Euro
November Conference Board Leading Indicator: Economy expanding in Spring
November Philly Fed Business Survey: Shows weak growth
October Building Permits: It is apartments which are fueling permit growth
October CPI: Price Inflation moderates to 3.5%, but core climbs to 2.1%
October Industrial Production: Up strong and YoY rate of growth stable
September Business Sales: Continue to show solid YoY growth
November Empire State Manufacturing: Shows growth for first time in 5 months
October PPI: Price inflation for finished goods moderates to 5.9%
October Retail Sales: Up a weak 1.7% year-over-year inflation adjusted
Eurozone: Is there any possibility for a healthy Euro economy?
Banks and Bankers: Is the OWS movement correct – banks cause bad economies?
Housing Crisis: Did Congress or Fannie or Freddie cause the housing bubble
Euro: Are there ways Germany did not benefit from the Euro?
Voters: Surveys reveal want their cake – and eat it too.
China: Can China help the Eurozone, or will Germany have to do the heavy lifting
Alabama’s Jefferson County: How the bankruptcy has J P Morgan’s footprints
Euro Crisis: Will the next stage of the crisis be a new political order?
What to short next: German government bonds?
2012: Are election years good for the market?
Eurozone: Is an unavoidable meltdown underway?
Small Cap Stocks: Do they outperform the market?
Cash: How much cash should you hold?
Volatility: Is it possible to capture the market swings?
Defense Spending: Is spending on the military for defense of USA?
Inflation: Is it impossible for the Fed to create inflation?
Monetary System: Is it time for a monetary Bill of Rights?
Eurozone: Will Italy remain in the Eurozone
TBTF: Did Dodd-Frank legislation do away with this issue?
Social Security: Can it REALLY run out of money?
Regulatory State: Is deregulation of the banking system the way to go?