Weekly Highlights 11 November 2011

This table accompanies the weekly review article at Global Economic Intersection. This week the article is “Economic Data Releases:  Revisions can Kill You!“.

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Euro Banking: Is it time to pull your money out of the bank?
China: Are reserve ratios working to constrain credit growth?
November Michigan Sentiment: Sentiment improved to 64.2 but at recession levels
October Export / Import Prices: Very large decline in export prices
September Trade Balance: Trade deficit declined due to less oil consumption
September Wholesale Sales: Up 14.8% YoY
October Diesel Consumption: Up, breaking down trend & now expanding YoY
September JOLTS: Shows some upward pressure on jobs growth
Greece & AIG Bankruptcy: One is giving haircuts while the other did not
September Consumer Credit: Growth is all student loans
Greece: What will the correct path look like out of this crisis
Investment & Labor: No economic driver as investment & labor are in disarray
October Rail Traffic: Finally, rail traffic is trending up
John Paulson: Maybe he is not having good luck this year
Treasuries: A suddenly hot market
October Equities: A good month to have been invested
Investing: Markets which are benefiting from growing wealth
Europe: Should your investing horizon ignore the daily Euro News?
Market Melt-up: The Euro mess solutions are not workable
World Interpretation: Using an erotic picture to explain possible outcomes
Harvard Economic Students: A sarcastic response to their protest
Economics: Is there an unholy relationship between academics and business?
Inequality: Have big business and the rich unbalanced global economies
Euro Solutions: Is the game plan just to keep kicking the can down the road?
Government Regulatory Advice: Is the fox advising the farmer on his chickens?
Euro Banking: Bailouts won’t solve the problem