Weekly Highlights 04 November 2011

This table accompanies the weekly review article at Global Economic Intersection. This week the article is “What Gives With Consumer Credit“.

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

China: More unwise trade sanctions coming
October BLS Jobs: 104K jobs, but both temp help and transportation jobs grew
September Manufacturing Sales: Not as good as August 2011 Growth
October ISM Non-Manufacturing: Weaker than the headlines suggest
Investment Advice: Is it any more than random guesses?
October ADP Jobs: Up 110,000 – not good, not bad
Government Debt: Should $14 trillion be a worry?
September Construction Spending: Public spending down, Private spending up
October ISM Manufacturing: Still expanding but rate of expansion slowing
Recession Viewpoint: Arguments in support of a coming recession
Banks: European and USA bank liabilities in perspective
November Economic Forecast: Economy expanding but rate of expansion declines
Euro PIGS: How they should leave the Euro
Bond Insurance: A second look at the usefulness of insuring the bond market
Euro: Using oil price spreads to short the Euro
USA Economy: Has it turned the corner with investing now safe?
New York City Housing: Is the market about to collapse?
Investing: Equities market growth seen going forward
Europe: A look at Greek contagion
China vs America: To be viewed as an adversary or competitor?
Societal Advancement: Has America lost its way?
Occupy Wall Street: What the protestors should know about big banks
Euro Debt Insurance: What has happened to the collateralized debt market?
Housing Values: Two moves to strengthen the housing market
Euro Crisis: Five Policy prescriptions to make Europe healthier
China: Is it positioning itself to take down the USA without firing a shot?