Weekly Highlights 28 October 2011

This table accompanies the weekly review article at Global Economic Intersection. This week the article is “Don’t Look Now but Construction Spending is Up Y-o-Y“.

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Advance 3Q2011 GDP: Will GDP continue to improve in the next quarter?
October Michigan Consumer Sentiment: Unexpectedly rose to 60.9
September Personal Consumption Expenditures: Up a strong 0.5% MoM
September Pending Home Sales: Up 7.9% from a year ago
Advance 3Q2011 GDP: 2.5% isn’t great but is showing more consumer buying
Eurozone: Why Spain, Portugal, Ireland and Greece should leave the Euro
September New Home Sales: No year-over-year-growth
September Durable Goods: No inflation adjusted growth year-over-year
October Conference Board Consumer Confidence: Now at recession levels
August Case-Shiller Home Prices: Up slightly month-over-month
September CFNAI: Is this super-coincident index accurate in real time?
GDP Targeting: Krugman suggests a expansionary fiscal policy
USA Markets: Have broken through strong resistance levels
Investing Vocabulary: 11 terms you need to understand
Commodities: Currently oversold but the dollar is the key
Stock Market: Is it currently overbought?
Greece: Four steps you should take before Greece defaults.
Europe: The USA Markets are keying off of European events
Gold: Is it acting like a safe haven?
Ronald Reagan: What would he be thinking if he were alive today?
Occupy Wall Street (OWS): The kids understand workers are not wanted.
USA Social Security: Is it a deficit reduction problem?
China-USA Trade: Is the USA violating WTO trade rules?
USA Regulation: Is it regulation which is killing jobs?
Rebalancing the Global Economy: Does China hold the keys?
Eurozone: Systemic Problems require systemic solutions