Weekly Highlights 21 October 2011

This table accompanies the weekly review article at Global Economic Intersection. This week the article is “What Is In the Crystal Ball for Third Quarter GDP“.

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Federal Reserve: GAO study uncovers enormous conflicts of interest
Sept Leading Economic Index: Showing growth with its authors talking it down
Sept Philly Fed Business Survey: Improved, now above recession threshold
Sept Existing Home Sales: Down MoM but volumes still in up trend channel
Sept Consumer Price Index: Up slightly to 3.9%
Sept Residential Building Permits: Mixed story which may be signaling trouble
Sept Producer Price Index: Range bound at 6.9% (finished goods)
Sept Industrial Production: Growing YoY with no recessionary trend
Sept Empire State Survey: Remains recessionary
Consumers: Is there a correlation between savings, interest rates & consumption?
Income: Trying to figure out why income is falling
Unemployment: Societies work less as they develop
Investing: Is it time for a defensive stance?
Commodities & Dollars: Are we in a clone of 2008?
Retail Sales: Showing a divide between the haves and have nots
Euro Markets: How to profit from a Lehman moment in Europe
USA Markets: a look at trading ranges
Investor Risk: Do the BRICs bring trading risks?
Public Servants Pay: They should be paid less than the private sector
Financial Meltdown: The explosive series continues with western bank meltdown
India: A look at bringing inflation under control
USA Economic Study: Major study is likely flawed and therefore wrong
Euro Bank Credit Crunch: What happens when banks stop lending to each other
Occupy Wall Street: Is it time to change USA – no more business as usual
Occupy Wall Street: Thinking through the message and legitimacy