Weekly Highlights 14 October 2011

This table accompanies the weekly review article at Global Economic Intersection.  This week the article is Signs of Life in the Economy.

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

August Business Sales:  Broke downward trend line
September Retail Sales: Down Slightly month-over-month but still good
September Export / Import Prices: Import prices up, export prices down
August Trade Balance: Shows improving USA economy
Employment: Long term view is less & less lifetime working hours
Consumer Metrics: Good short term growth followed by less good
August JOLTS: Shows low jobs growth will continue
September Diesel Usage: Usage Declined & possibly recessionary
Mortgage Crisis: Who is culpable in shouldering costs of Liar Loans?
Operation Twist: Can it overpower other dynamics in play?
September Rail Counts: Modestly improving data
Dow Recovery: At 655 days, the Dow recovery drops to fifth place
Bull Markets: In Just a few days the Bears have become Bulls globally
Bear Markets: An updated look at global markets
Dogs of Dow:  An updated look at this trading strategy
Occupy Wall Street: What should their manifesto be?
Q3 Earnings:  Is there a reason to be worried?
Resistance Levels: Watching market pricing in the week ahead.
People vs Business:   Is the political system the cause of the USA problems?
Effective Markets:  Regulation needs to be transparent and reduce fraud risk
Euro Haircuts:  Will Greek haircuts set the precedent for other PIIGS?
Economic Objectives:  Are economic prescriptions providing the good life?
USA: Does the USA enjoy monetary sovereignty?
Eurozone: Should outsiders fund Euro debt when the Eurozone will not?