Weekly Highlights 07 October 2011

This is the table that accompanies the weekly economic review article at Global Economic Intersection – and is a summary of the analysis, investing and opinion articles published this week. See the weekly economic summary article: Trade Balance is the Recessionary Metric to Watch Next Week

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

August Wholesale Sales: Strong – broke downward trend line
August Consumer Credit: (later)
September BLS Employment: Downward trend line broken
USA Macro Policy: Is Fiscal and Monetary Policy Constrained by Iraq War?
September ISM Non-Manufacturing: Data contains a strong “no recession” flag
September ADP / Challenger Jobs: Not worsening data is good
Private Investment: Is this the end of improvement on return on capital?
August Manufacturing Sales: Strong growth
August Construction Spending: Broke a 45 month decline with a gain
September ISM Manufacturing: Positive but meaningless data
Greece: Focus must be on its real problems, not on temporary measures
Greece: Failure is preordained based on economic dynamics
College Dropouts: Setting the USA up for further economic woes
USA:  Are Wall Street demonstrations the start of an “Arab Spring”?
Europe: The question is not operational solutions, but sustainable political ones
USA Employment: Is there a tie between unemployment and home equity?
ECB: Will there soon be a TALF (U.S. style)?
Greece: A return to Drachma might be a good solution
USA Banking: Another view of the TBTF issue relating to hidden MBS transactions
Solyndra Loans: Likely this involved administration misconduct
Wine: Investing for Profit
Steve Jobs: Our tribute to Steve
Recession Signs: Four potential flags of recession
Investing: Sorting out perceptions and reality
Euro: What will it look like in five years?
High Yield Bonds: Now giving a sell signal for bonds and equities
Charting: How to catch market tops