Weekly Highlights 23 September 2011

This is the table that accompanies the weekly economic review article at Global Economic Intersection – and is a summary of the analysis, investing and opinion articles published this week. See the weekly economic summary article: Will The Week Ahead Give Recession Indications?

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Recession Flag: US Equities Markets
Fact Check: Does Buffett Really Pay Less Taxes than his secretary?
August Leading Economic Indicator: Now Going Up Half as Fast
U.S. Macro View: Are We There Yet?
August Existing Home Sales: Are We Beginning to see Price Capitulation?
Italy: Is Demographics running In their Economic Favor?
New Home Construction: Finally Demonstrating a bottom
US Economy: A Lost Decade Into The Great Middle Class Poverty
Economic Theory: Credit, Demand and Unemployment
Consumer Metrics: Consumer is Growing Stronger
Government: Should a Country Be Run Like a Business?
Unemployment: Supply Side Solutions
Europe: The Crisis is Getting Ugly
Global Financial Assets: Implosion Coming Soon
USA Wages: Change the Way Union Labor Negotiates Wages
China: Ways to rebalance the Economy
Housing Market: Risk factors and dynamics have changed
China Markets: Headed towards the Moon?
Germany: Tying Euro value to the DAX
Investing Relief: Getting better acquainted with wine and garlic
Coppock Curve: A bad omen which just may have hit our investments?