Weekly Highlights 16 September 2011

This is the table that accompanies the weekly economic review article at Global Economic Intersection – and is a summary of the analysis, investing and opinion articles published this week. See the weekly economic summary article: Corporate Profit Outlook Not Good

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

September Michigan Sentiment: Improved Slightly from 2011 Sentiment lows
September Philly Fed Survey: Conditions Not Worsening but Not Good Either
September Empire State Manufacturing: Remains at Recessions edge
August Consumer Price Index: Core Inflation is Now at Fed Reserve Upper Target
August Industrial Production: Flat growth for the last four months
August Sea Container Imports: Recession Flag
July Business Sales: Data not good – but not recessionary either
August Retail Sales: On upper end of a downward Channel – not recessionary
August Producer Prices: Moderated to 6.5%
August Export/Import Prices: Import prices moderated to 13% YoY
August Diesel Usage: Interpretations are for a slow(ing) economy
Japan Economy: Is over-investment causing the economic malaise
Demographics: Diane Macunovich lays current economic woes with Boomers
Consumer Metrics: Sorting through cooling economy and rising consumer metrics
Trade Data: Linking Import contraction to USA recessions
August Rail Counts: No Year-over-Year growth (at recessions door?)
The American Dream: Is It Still Possible to Succeed and Prosper?
Australian Housing Market: Steve Keen is predicting a large contraction
Greece Default: Predictions of Greece default and associated contagion
Swiss Monetary Intervention: Preventing the destruction of Swiss industrial base
Obama Jobs Proposal: A good start at the jobs problem
Obama Jobs Proposal: Wrong approach – a different path defined
US dollar: Is its status as a reserve currency a blessing or curse?
USA Markets: Is a major correction being signalled (Killer Wave)
USA Markets: Is the market bottoming or is there more to go?
Precious Metals: Cutting out the fear factor in investing
Derivatives: How to Avoid Becoming Wall Street’s Next Victim
Gold and Silver: Are margins effecting the spot prices?
German DAX: How it compares to other post 2007 crashes