Weekly Highlights 09 September 2011

This is the table that accompanies the weekly economic review article at Global Economic Intersection – and is a summary of the analysis, investing and opinion articles published this week. See the weekly economic summary article: Employment Dynamics: No Quick or Durable Solutions

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Banking Failures: Banks are Still Operating As Casinos
July Wholesale Trade: Significantly Less Good – Is it Commodity Prices?
July Consumer Credit: Now Expanding at 6% (much better than GDP)
July Trade Balance: Improved with no Recessionary Indicators
September Housing: Real Estate Slowdown Underway
Savings & Loan: Why was the S&L Crisis not a Systemic Economic Crisis?
July JOLTS: Reading JOLTS Tea Leaves – Employment Outlook Not Good
August ISM Non-Manufacturing: Retreats From Recession Precipice
Obama Stimulus: Did it Just Shift Jobs Around?
Emerging Markets: Fiscal policy in developing countries: Escape from procyclicality
USA Housing Market: No Bottom in Sight
USA Banking: The Great Bank Robbery
Global Warming, Darwinism, Politics: No Irrefutable Evidence
BLS Employment Numbers: Government Cutbacks New Dynamic
Middle East: Democracy May Not Be In the Best Interests of the West
USA Political Parties: A Examination of Current Direction of the GOP
Europe: The Relationship between Current Accounts and Debt
Global Economies: Applying the Pyramid Theory to the Global Economy
Trading: Dissecting the Charts (Channels)
Global Markets: Market Red Ink Update 9/6/11
Euro: It’s Future Will Have Been Decided this Week
Investing Warning: Government Directions Now Influencing Market Directions
USA Markets: Predicting A Rally to the End of the Year
USA Corporate Earnings: Employment and Global Slowing to Depress Earnings
September Rail Transport: Danger – Current Data Shows Contraction
Nikkei 225 vs S&P 500: Real Returns