Weekly Highlights 26 August 2011

This is the table that accompanies the weekly economic review article at Global Economic Intersection – and is a summary of the analysis, investing and opinion articles published this week. See the weekly economic summary article: Economy:  Sick but not Dying

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Item Headline Analysis
Gold Trend Lines

John Lounsbury explores the question whether gold is overpriced
2Q2011 GDP
Revised Down to 1.0%
Little good news inside of this revision – and shows the green shoot of exports is dying
Michigan Sentiment
Down to 55.7
Confidence among U.S. consumers dropped in August to the lowest level since November 2008
Housing Market

Rick Davis shows real time data on the “bump” in the housing market
Economic Order

Frank Li describes the Loop Theory – the natural flow of development
Consumer Metrics

Rick Davis discusses improving Consumer dynamics.
July Durable Goods
Up 4%
Likely up less than 2%, but this sector continues to expand.
Initial Weekly Unemployment Claims

John Lounsbury expands on the importance of the 400,000 WIUC level for employment.
July New Home Sales
Down 0.7%
We say sales are up, showing a bottoming process.
Hapless Indian Households

Ajay Shaw discusses the financial choices for the rural Indian poor.
Economic activity improved
This super economic coincident index continues to show the economy is sick, but not dying.
Japanese Monetary Policy

John Muellbauer and Keiko Murata explain why some US/Europe/Japanese dynamics are not comparable.

John Lounsbury pens Christopher Magee’s view of the Singapore “miracle”.
Global Economic Downturn

George Friedman gives elements of the economic downturn in different countries.
Japanese Credit Downgrade

Dirk Ehnts explores when Japan will face the music.
Free Markets?

Derryl Hermanutz takes on the notion of free markets, and then takes a swipe at Libertarian “theology”.
Rating Agencies

Michael Hudson rips notion that rating agencies are a positive force in judging sovereign debt.
Euro crisis

Warren Mosler pushes his euro solution – but says time is running out
Deregulation and Vigilance

Harlan Russell Green writes about the real world of financial deregulation
New Bear Market

Macrotides tells how to ride out the Bear Market he believes started earlier this month.
Bank of America

John Lounsbury discusses BAC’s financial woes and detractors.
Jackson Hole

Jeff Miller has his own idea what will have gone down in Wyoming.
Bank Stocks

Martin Hutchinson argues its time to bail on bank stocks.
USA Deficit

Andrew Butter serves up some deficit solutions – and shows a correlation low bonds rate vs. GDP growth
Investing in a Volatile Market

David Grandey: how low will market go?