Weekly Highlights 19 August 2011

This is the table that accompanies the weekly economic review article at Global Economic Intersection – and is a summary of the analysis, investing and opinion articles published this week. See the weekly economic summary article: Recession Is Not In View, But Economy Is Ugly

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Item Headline Analysis
Record Low In Treasuries

Is this an economic forecast for poor growth?
July Leading Economic Index
The Conference Board says data shows a slowing economy.
July Existing Home Sales
Up YoY, Down MoM
The seasonal housing decline began one month early. July is down 4.4% YoY
August Philly Fed Business Survey
This index collapsed into territory associated only with recessions
July Consumer Price Index
Unchanged at 3.6%
Signs are that the YoY increase will moderate in the coming months.
China Purchase of US Treasuries

Michael Pettis shares his view of multilateral trade of goods and currencies.
USA Budget Reduction Supercommittee

Derek & Jeff Miller analyze the dogmatic nature of the 12 members.
July Producer Price Index
Up to 7.2%
Signs future price inflation may be moderating.
USA Deleveraging

Elliott Morss argues for more monetary and fiscal stimulus.
July Residential Building Permits
Contracted 3.2% MoM
The data continues to show residential construction is at trough.
July Export / Import Prices
Prices Up
Data suggests prices will moderate in months to come.
July Industrial Production
Up 0.9%
No signs of recession in this data.
July Sea Container Counts
Imports are contracting YoY, Exports much less good.
August Consumer Metrics

Rick Davis explains why his index is saying the worst is over for consumers.
August Empire State Manufacturing Survey
New Orders were up. Survey is better than headlines indicate.
Post USA Debt Ceiling Deal

James Hamilton Economy will remain weak.
USA Employment

Menzie Chinn: weak jobs growth should be no surprise.
Systemic Risk from Banks and Sovereign Debt

Elliott Morss, Amar Bhide and Edmund Phelps debate how to limit risk.
Capitalism and Democracy

Frank Li suggests these USA cornerstones may be on a collision course
Investing Logic

Frederick Sheehan argues investing community is mispricing the market.
S&P USA Downgrade

Karl Smith suggests the USA downgrade has shaken the national psyche.
USA Spending vs Cutting to economic health

Menzie Chinn: Only productive government spending can stimulate the economy. productive activities
World Austerity Measures

Marc Lavoie and Mario Seccareccia argue the G20’s approach to debt ensures Japanization of the global economy
S&P USA Downgrade

Andrew Butter implies the downgrade was “asked for” – and offers solutions to balancing the USA budget
USA Bankruptcy

Susan Feiner explains why the suggestion of USA bankruptcy is a hoax
Global Banking Crisis
Robert Heubscher relays Jeffrey Gundlach’s message on bank risks.
Headline Risk

Jeff Miller looks at recent market reactions to news.
USA Market Crash

Jason Simpkins correlates events to S&P downgrade; suggests places for investors to hide
USA Market Valuations

Andrew Butter looks at market valuation models – and the future.
Market Trading

David Grandey compares the cyber world of the Matrix to current conditions
Comparing Global Markets

John Lounsbury ranks global markets during this correction