Weekly Highlights 12 August 2011

This is the table that accompanies the weekly economic review article at Global Economic Intersection – and is a summary of the analysis, investing and opinion articles published this week.  See the weekly economic summary article:  Solutions Wanted to Stabilize Housing Market

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Item Headline Analysis
Global Markets

John Lounsbury analyzes the declines in Global Markets
July Retail Sales
Up 0.5%
When sales are adjusted for inflation and proper methodology is applied – sales are down
June Business Sales
Up 0.4%
Sales are down month-over-month
August Michigan Sentiment
Down Sharply
Now at the lowest level since May 1980
June Trade Balance
Exports suggest softening global economy
China Costs

Waiching Li explains why Chinese products cost more in China than on USA Main Street

This report shows poor expansion dynamics for jobs growth
June Wholesale Sales
No sign of recession at wholesale level. Inconsistent with most other indicators.
July Diesel Fuel Index

Possibly, this index may be signalling a bottom to the contraction.
Sovereign Credit Ratings

Elliott Morss looks at ratings methodology and suggests where to invest.
July Rail Counts
Less Good
Rail traffic is continuing to deteriorate – and foretells a slowing economy
Unemployment Rate

Two methods of deriving unemployment give drastically different results.
Home Prices

Scott Sambucci’s shows autumn home price contraction is starting w/o achieving 2010 peak levels.

Frank Li reviews his climb from a Chinese immigrant to his fulfilling the American Dream
USA Child Poverty

Pavlina Tcherneva: USA has worst child poverty of any industrialized country – and offers solutions.
PIIGS Crisis

Dirk Ehnts questions if the IMF understands the EU.
USA Debt

Derryl Hermanutz argues non-debt money can save the economy
USA Debt Fraud

Roger Erickson argues debt is not bad, and current solutions to solve the deficit will kill the economy.
Global Depression

Sanjeev Kulkarni hopes the solution to the terrible global economy is not WW III
USA Budget Deficit

Elliott Morss gives alternatives to Debt Ceiling compromise.

Doug Short compares current market volatility to 2008.
Oil Prices

Andrew Butter suggests the market has lost sight of the equilibrium price
Recession Odds

Jeff Miller looks at chance of a recession – and gives investing thoughts.
USA’s 04Aug Market Selloff

Shah Gilani says selloff was an inevitable result of investors watching economic fundamentals before earnings. reports
USA Debt Downgrade

David Grandey: how to handle market correction that he believes was induced by debt downgrade.