Weekly Highlights 05 August 2011

This is the table that accompanies the weekly economic review article at Global Economic Intersection – and is a summary of the analysis, investing and opinion articles published this week.  See the weekly economic summary article: Smoke, Mirrors and Great Depression 2.0

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Item Headline Analysis
Post Debt Ceiling

Warren Mosler looks at implications for investors
GDP Revisions

Rick Davis is concerned the BEA data might not be accurate in real time
Consumer Credit

To be published no later than Saturday
July Employment Report
154,000 private growth
Remember no employment growth in 2nd half of year – non adjusted payrolls fell 4,000
ISM Service Industries Survey
less good
Certain elements are very close to recession
June Manufacturing
less good
Manufacturing remains strong YoY
July ADP Employment
114,000 growth
Growth continues to weaken

Michael Pettis worries poor debt solutions will cause capital misallocation
June Personal Consumption Expenditures
PCE has been contracting for three months
Coin Seigniorage
Scott Fullwiler adds to the growing debate showing seigniorage is not inflationary
Is American Idol similar to USA Democracy?

Frank Li broaches this subject

L. Randall Wray discusses the pitfalls of gutting the social safety net
Capitalism 4.0

Dirk Ehnts: a mixed but generally good review
Reserve Bank of India

Sunil Chandra looks at RBI Governor D. Subbarao last acts
Government Overspending

Warren Mosler warns: worrying about overspending will cause the USA to be the next Japan

Andrew Butter: austerity is not the right way to dig Europe out of crisis
Jobs Creation

Warren Mosler says consumers create jobs – business doesn’t
Dollar & Stocks

Avi Gilburt:  Elliott Waves cycles for stocks and the $
USA Markets

Art Patten sees the fabled head and shoulders
Post Debt Ceiling

Jeff Miller thinks through investing environment post debt ceiling crisis
Risk Free Investments

Martin Hutchinson points to the death of risk free returns

Avi Gilburt says deflationary risks are growing
USA Market Cycles

Ed Easterling sees the end to the current earnings cycle growth