Weekly Highlights 29 July 2011

This is the table that accompanies the weekly economic review article at Global Economic Intersection – and is a summary of the analysis, investing and opinion articles published this week.  See the weekly economic summary article: Deficit Ceiling Debate Only Kicks the Can Down the Road

Weekly Economic Release Scorecard:

Item Headline Analysis
University Of Michigan Sentiment
Now at the lowest level since March 2009
2Q2011 GDP
Up 1.3%
The story is the downward revision of 1Q GDP to 0.4%. A lot of trends in these numbers
Auto Sales

Rick Davis shows how car buying patterns respond to economic events
June Durable Goods
Durable Goods may be down 4% MoM – and almost flat YoY, inflation adjusted
Unemployment Rate

John Mauldin shows the employment growth necessary to bring down the unemployment rate
Another Recession?

Caroline Corbett and Lance Roberts ponder whether we are entering another recession
May Case-Shiller Home Price Index
Home prices are increasing in the normal seasonal surge but are 4.5% below a year ago
June New Home Sales
Home sales may be up, but it is only 1,000 houses. New home sales remain depressed
Europe Bailout

Dirk Ehnts says the current agreements ignore the disease

John Lounsbury & Steven Hansen: Medicare and private health care delivery costs are similar
June Chicago Fed National Activity Index
This super coincident index is showing the economy is deeply in a soft spot
Economic Theory

Van Hoisington & Lacy Hunt argue that government fiscal and monetary policy do not aid the well being of the economy
Consumer Metrics
Rick Davis: There is a disconnect between what consumers are saying and what they are doing
Real Estate Bubble

William Black: Bush Council of Economic Advisors’ reports said no real estate bubble was underway

Frank Li looks at the Chinese system looking for lessons that should be learned
Greece & the EU

John Mauldin: Eurozone solutions ensure a recession
Hoover & Obama

Marshall Auerbach compares the “accomplishments” of both Presidents
Obstacles to Economic Growth

Rick Davis questions whether entrenched Keynesian theory is the biggest obstacle

Dirk Ehnts points out unemployment is a growing problem
Debt Ceiling

Joseph Firestone suggests a debt ceiling workaround – coin seigniorage
Euro Crisis

Dirk Ehnts points out much Eurozone debate misses the point
Gold & Miners

Why gold miner stocks are not seeing the historic leverage against gold
Debt Ceiling

Jeff Miller runs through the debt ceiling crisis likely outcome
China & Silver

Keith Fitz-Gerald analyzes the effects of silver trading starting on the Hong Kong exchange
Earnings Season

David Grandey looks at several stock plays for earning season
Investing Bubbles

Doug Short looks at several past bubbles and answers the question whether gold is in a bubble
Economic and Monetary Imbalances

Derryl Hermanutz’s brilliant head piece attacks our concepts of “balance”
Secular Market Cycles

Ed Easterling predicts bad investing years are coming