Most Popular Articles w/e 7/6/2011

The most read articles on the Global Economic Intersection blogs from June 29 through July 6 were (in rank order):

1.  Greece:  No Deal without a National Referendum by Michael Hudson (Opinion 7/2/11)

2.  China:  Small Company Crack in the High Growth Armor by Michael Pettis (Analysis 7/3/11)

3.  American Presidency:  Why is 1-Term a Must? by Frank Li (Opinion 7/1/11)

4.  India:  Immense Wealth in Temple by Sanjeev Kulkarni (News 7/3/11)

5.  Comparing Ireland 2011 with Argentina 1999 by Pablo Schiaffino and Jose Luis Machinea (Analysis 7/6/11)

6.  U.S. Investment Outlook by Macrotides (Investing 6/29/11)

7.  Merchant of Venice Redux by Andrew Butter (Opinion 7/4/11)

8.  July 2011 Economic Forecast:  Summer Slowdown Continues by Econintersect (Forecast 6/30/2011)

9.  The Collision Between the Fed’s Failings and USA Stocks by Jon D. Markman (Investing 6/30/11)

10.  The G-20 and Global Imbalances by Barry Eichengreen (Analysis 7/5/11)