Immediate Edge Review 2021 – Profitable Bitcoin Trading Robot? The $250 Test!

It seems that a good number of bitcoin millionaires have earned their wealth through the Immediate Edge app. This software remains the world’s most popular automated bitcoin trading system.  The number of people becoming extremely rich through bitcoin trading is rising exponentially. According to Bitinfocharts, there are hundreds of thousands of bitcoin millionaires today.

We have analyzed Immediate Edge Trustpilot reviews, and it seems that over 80% of its users are profitable. Experts describe the Immediate Edge app as a money minting machine. It’s said to have the power to quadruple accounts during high volatility.

But is Immediate Edge legit or not? Our bitcoin robot testing team has investigated it thoroughly and found it to be trustworthy. There is also enough proof to indicate that it’s profitable.

Read our Immediate Edge review for the answers to all the pertinent questions about this bot. Do not hesitate to comment at the bottom of this page if your question is not covered in this review.

Immediate Edge at a Glance

TypeBitcoin Robot
Trading statusFully automated
Minimum balanceUSD250
Maximum amount per withdrawal $10,000
Average daily profitability rate12%
WithdrawalsFree and fast
Security level Military-grade encryption
Partner brokers regulationFCA, ASIC, CYSEC, and FSB

What is the Immediate Edge App?

Immediate Edge bot was founded in 2016 in Germany. It became a hit almost instantly, gaining massive adoption across Europe.  According to Immediate Edge trustpilot reviewers, this bot is available in over 130 countries across the globe.

This robot is blockchain-based and relies on Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven algorithms. These algorithms are said to use sophisticated techniques to generate trades from bitcoin-related big data. Immediate Edge generates thousands of trades daily with an accuracy level of 80%.

A return rate of 80% means that it’s nearly impossible to lose money if you apply the appropriate risk settings. But this statement shouldn’t be taken as a guarantee of profitability. Immediate Edge bot keeps updating its systems, and hence it’s highly unpredictable.

As stated in the intro, many people have come forward and claimed to earn handsome profits with this bot. Immediate Edge is reported to have an average daily return rate of 12%. This is huge and can compound the $250 deposit into fortunes.

We have used an online compounding calculator to determine how much you can grow a $250 deposit through compounding. A consistent daily return rate of 12% is enough to make you a millionaire in less than a year.

Clients review on Immediate Edge Trustpilot page conclude that this app as a consistent performer. We haven’t tested it on the live account and hence can’t guarantee if these claims are true. However, they are likely to be genuine given how well Clients rate immediate Edge.

Is Immediate Edge Scam True?

We have put the Immediate Edge app under scrutiny to determine if it’s genuine or a scam. Our investigation has taken a dive into factors such as reputation, transparency, safety, and customer service.

Immediate Edge is not only genuine and safe but could also be highly profitable. We analyzed Immediate Edge trustpilot feedback from individual consumers and crypto-trading experts and concluded that this bot is a super performer.

Immediate Edge app also cores extremely well in our safety and transparency tests. On safety, this trading robot relies on foolproof data protection measures. Moreover, it observes strict laws as instituted by the EU GDPR.

Immediate Edge has secured top-level partnerships with brokers. We did preliminary checks on the 15 brokers listed on its website as partners and found them to be high quality. All the brokers are tier-one and completely safe.

Immediate Edge bot  has invested in top-level customer support. The customer service can be reached via live chat, phone call, and email. You should only use the email option for less urgent inquiries since it may take hours to get a reply.

It takes less than a minute to connect to Immediate Edge customer support through live chat and phone. You can also request a call-back, but it may take some time to get a reply.

Immediate Edge Bot Review – Top Countries

We have thoroughly studied Immediate Edge and found it to be highly popular in many countries. Below are some of the countries where it’s trending in 2021.

Immediate Edge UAE

This bitcoin robot is perhaps the most popular in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Some reviews claim that the UAE version is developed to with Sharia law in mind.

Immediate Edge UAE is reportedly insanely profitable. This bot is said to make most of the users extremely rich. The daily profitability, according to some reviews, can shoot to over 90% during high volatility.

Immediate Edge UK

The UK is among the top markets for Immediate Edge. It was founded here, and hence the majority of its users are from this region.

Immediate Edge UK is customized to fit the trading preferences of users in this region. Moreover, it’s in partnership with FCA regulated brokers to ensure high-level safety and transparency.

Immediate Edge Australia

This robot is also a sensation in Australia, with tens of thousands of people reviewing it as highly profitable. Immediate Edge app became accessible in Australia in 2017.

This was exactly one year after its launch. The robot has gained a massive following in the country since then. Many Australians claim that it has completely transformed their financial lives.

Immediate Edge Canada

Canada is another top market for Immediate Edge. It became available in this country at the same time as Australia.

Immediate Edge Canada has been trending on Twitter for over a year. We have also established that it’s widely covered in the media in the country. Most Immediate Edge bot clients in Canada allege making mouthwatering profits.

Immediate Edge Dubai

Dubai is another top market for Immediate Edge. We are surprised by how popular this robot has become in this country.

Immediate Edge Dubai is popular with locals as well as expatriates. The feedback from the clients in this region is awesome. Over 90% of Immediate Edge Trustpilot reviewers  in Dubai claim that it’s super profitable.

Immediate Edge Denmark

Denmark is another leading market for Immediate Edge. The robot has started accepting clients from this region recently.

Immediate Edge has become a media sensation in the country. A significant portion of the traffic to the robot today is from this country. Immediate Edge is offering extra signup slots in the country.

Moreover, Immediate Edge Bot users in this country may enjoy signup bonuses from the underlying brokers.

Immediate Edge App Popularity Score

We have concluded that Immediate Edge bot is trustworthy after analyzing a lot of feedback from its users. This robot ranks top in the biggest review sites, as explained below.

Immediate Edge Trustpilot

The Trustpilot is a leading review site for consumers. It’s one of the most popular consumer feedback platforms.

Trustpilot is a great source of feedback about any popular product. This is because most of the reviews on the site are verified. Immediate Edge Trustpilot page is heavily reviewed. The feedback is awesome, with most claiming to make money with it.

Immediate Edge Reddit

Reddit is a unique social media platform where people can form communities around a given subject. We have come across subreddits discussing Immediate Edge.

There are over ten subreddits, and each has hundreds of participants. You should identify and follow the most popular Immediate Edge Reddit community. The Reddit community is a crucial information source for all types of traders.

Immediate Edge Wikipedia

A trustworthy source claims that Immediate Edge has earned a Wikipedia page. The page has been online for months but has been taken offline for updating.

This robot is undoubtedly widely popular given that only high popular projects earn a page on this platform.

YouTube logoImmediate Edge Youtube

We have also studied many youtube videos discussing this auto-trading system.  However, the Immediate Edge app doesn’t have a verified Youtube page, and it’s therefore quite hard to locate its official page. We insist that you always treat any social of video content with a grain of salt unless there is confirmation on the official Immediate Edge website.


Immediate Edge Bot in Fake News

Many celebrity gossip blogs claim that Immediate Edge bot has received funding and endorsements from celebrities.

However, we have determined that this bot is being used as clickbait due to its popularity. The rumours linking it to celebrities and top TV shows should therefore not be taken seriously. We have highlighted the most popular ones below to help you stay on the lookout.

Immediate Edge App Khaleej Times

Khaleej Times is an English daily newspaper published in Dubai. A viral Facebook post claims that the Immediate Edge app has paid millions of dollars to run advertisements on this newspaper.

We have dived into this rumour and found it to be fake news. Immediate Edge has categorically stated that it hasn’t engaged in any forms of paid marketing.

Angela MerkelImmediate Edge Bot Angela Merkel

Angel Merkel has been Germany’s chancellor since 2005. She is a vibrant leader best known for driving emerging tech adoption and growth.

Angela Markel’s government is reportedly exploring options towards bringing bitcoin and blockchain into the mainstream. However, the rumour alleging that she has pumped millions of dollars in Immediate Edge is fake news.

Alex FergusonImmediate Edge App Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson is the former coach of the Manchester United football club. A viral social media rumour alleges that he is one of the celebrities heavily invested in bitcoin.

Alex Ferguson bitcoin claims seem to be fake news. Moreover, the posts alleging that he has made great profits through the Immediate Edge app are fake news. Alex Ferguson could be interested in bitcoin, but he hasn’t made it public.

Danilo GentiliImmediate Edge Danilo Gentili

Danilo Gentili is a Brazilian comedian, TV host, and writer. A viral Brazilian Immediate Edge reddit feed lists Danilo among the celebrities invested in bitcoin.

However, this review concludes that any Danilo Gentili bitcoin claims are fake news. This celebrity hasn’t said anything about bitcoin or Immediate Edge.

Gert VerhulstImmediate Edge Bot Gert Verhulst

Gert Verhulst is a Belgian entrepreneur and media personality. He is very vocal about many subjects and has allegedly invested in many industries.

Some unverified Twitter accounts allege that Gert Verhulst has recently invested in bitcoin through the Immediate Edge app. However, we haven’t found any proof to support the Gert Verhulst bitcoin trading claims.

Thomas GottschalkImmediate Edge Thomas Gottschalk

Thomas Gottschalk is a German media personality also rumoured to have invested in the Immediate Edge app. We have dived into the claims to determine if they are authentic and didn’t find any proof.

Any Thomas Gottschalk bitcoin claims shouldn’t be taken seriously. This is because there is a huge possibility that they are clickbait to get you to visit gossip blogs.

Mukesh AmbaniImmediate Edge Mukesh Ambani

Mukesh Ambani is an Asian billionaire entrepreneur and investor. We have stumbled upon many Mukesh Ambani Immediate Edge reddit posts.

Some of the reddit posts allege that he is trading crypto through the Immediate Edge trading system. However, Immediate Edge doesn’t disclose the ID of its clients, and therefore this rumour is likely to be fake news.

Mads MikkelsenImmediate Edge Bot Mads Mikkelsen

Mads Mikkelsen is an actor best known for the Hannibal series. He is worth around USD15 million and is invested in many industries.

A viral rumour claims that Mads Mikkelsen has recently started trading bitcoin. He is reportedly trading it through the highly popular Immediate Edge software. However, this rumour is nothing but fake news.

Höhle der löwenImmediate Edge Höhle der löwen

Höhle der löwen is a German TV show aired on VOX. The show is a franchise of the UK’s Dragons Den and hence follows the same concept.

There are rumours that the Immediate Edge app has raised money through the show. However, the robot has distanced itself from these rumours. They are therefore fake and probably used as clickbait to gossip blogs.

Shark TankImmediate Edge Shark Tank

The Shark Tank is another business reality TV program featuring entrepreneurs raising financing from angel investors.

An Immediate Edge Reddit post claims that the Immediate Edge app was pitched on Shark Tank Australia at the beginning of this year. We have fact-checked this rumour and didn’t find any evidence to indicate that it’s trustworthy.

Immediate Edge Gulf news

As mentioned earlier, Immediate Edge Bot is highly popular in the gulf. Some reviews claim that it’s highly popular in this region because it’s running market campaigns on Gulf news.

However, this is a lie since Immediate Edge hasn’t participated in any form of marketing campaign. The reviews alleging so are therefore spreading fake news.

How to trade with Immediate Edge Bot

We find Immediate Edge extremely beginner-friendly and, therefore, a perfect bet for anyone interested in earning an income online.

This robot not only brings fun to bitcoin trading but also makes it insanely profitable. Most Immediate Edge clients today allege insane profitability. Trading with Immediate Edge bot involves very simple steps, as explained below.

STEP ONE: Registration

Visit the Immediate Edge site and complete the signup as directed. You need to be extra vigilant since there are cloned sites that pretend to be the official Immediate Edge website.

Follow the links published on this post to go straight to the official Immediate Profit website. The signup only takes a few minutes. Immediate Edge app ensures high-level security on its platforms.

STEP TWO: Deposit trading capital

Fund your account through the broker linked immediately after signup. Immediate Edge only links you to a locally regulated broker.

This ensures high-level safety and transparency. You must have at least USD250 in your trading account to start running Immediate Profit. This is the capital to be utilized by the bot to place bets on bitcoin.

STEP THREE: Demo Trading

Immediate Edge is easy to use, especially if you have taken its demo practice. The demo account offers you a perfect and risk-free tour of the live trading system.

As little as 20 minutes of demo trading should give you the confidence to set and run the live trading account.

STEP FOUR: Start live trading

Live trading with Immediate Edge bot should be a breeze after demo practice. Adjust the settings on the trading dashboard to fit your trading appetite and click the live button.

The risk appetite test is available on the trading resources dashboard. Make sure that you take it before proceeding to live trading. Immediate Edge app has the potential to make fortunes out of a small deposit, but you could also make losses. Invest wisely!

Immediate Edge Scam or not – Final Word!

This robot is, without a doubt, a good bet for making money on the internet. It offers automated bitcoin trading using advanced AI algorithms.

These algorithms reportedly capture opportunities at a breathtaking speed and accuracy. Up to 95% of the trades generated by Immediate Edge every minute are reportedly profitable. This is evident with the many verified consumer reviews.

Immediate Edge is the number one most reviewed bitcoin robot on the internet today. This robot is already trending worldwide. The bot is highly popular in the UAE, Germany, Denmark, and Australia. You can use Immediate Edge bot from anywhere in the European Union.

We have tested its safety measures and found them to be foolproof. This robot depends on the best form of encryption to safeguard your data. Moreover, Immediate Edge app operates under-regulated brokers to assure clients of funds safety.

This online money making tool should be easy to operate. You need to put aside as little as 40 minutes of trading preparation before getting started. As little as 15 minutes are enough for setting the bot for live trading daily.


Is Immediate Edge Fake?

Immediate Edge is everything that we would expect to find in a safe and profitable bitcoin robot. It’s therefore neither a Ponzi nor a scam.

Does Immediate Edge App work?

The Immediate Edge web-trader comes in HTML5 and can work as a hybrid mobile app on any mobile OS.

Is Immediate Edge profitable?

We have studied user feedback all over the web and concluded that Immediate Edge is indeed profitable. This robot is hailed by many as a super performer.

Is Immediate Edge a scam?

We didn’t find anything suspicious about Immediate Edge, and it’s therefore neither a Ponzi, pyramid scheme, nor a scam.

Does Immediate Edge offer signup bonuses?

You may enjoy signup bonuses with some of the Immediate Edge partner brokers. Please note that these brokers support all transactions on the platform.

Is Immediate Edge FCA regulated?

Immediate Edge regulation happens through its partner brokers. This bot has over 15 supporting brokers, with five falling under FCA regulation.

Does Immediate Edge support instant withdrawals?

The withdrawals on this platform depend on the partner brokers. Some of the partner brokers may allow instant withdrawals.

How do I withdraw profits from Immediate Edge?

Click the withdrawal request tab on the trading dashboard to automatically redirect to the assigned broker’s withdrawal page. Fill the request form, and a confirmation will be sent to your email. The withdrawal request may take up to 5 hours to be fulfilled.