Bitcoin Evolution Review 2022 – Is it a Scam or Trustworthy Trading System?

The Bitcoin Evolution App has made the headlines this year as one of the super-profitable bitcoin trading systems.

This trading software has powerful algorithms capable of identifying opportunities in the bitcoin market and turning them into profitable trades.

Bitcoin Evolution combines news and charts trading to generate trades. Moreover, it uses trading leverage as offered by its 10+ partner brokers to magnify trades. The superior trading technologies combined with advanced strategies and high leverage translates to insane profitability.

Bitcoin Evolution price trend analysis tool is arguably the most powerful in the industry. This tool studies price patterns to predict future prices. But is Bitcoin Evolution a scam or safe?

What is Bitcoin Evolution?

This software makes bitcoin speculation quite easy for all. You don’t need a trading background to generate profits with this bot.

We have explained the key Bitcoin Evolution features below to help you understand it better. Please note that you don’t need any technical know-how to use this bot. You shouldn’t worry about any technical terms used in this review.

Bitcoin Evolution news trading

This is perhaps the most profitable Bitcoin Evolution tool. News trading involves identifying news and placing bets based on the prediction of their impact on bitcoin price.

The Bitcoin Evolution news trading tool comes with sophisticated algorithms. These algorithms have been identified to trade Elon Musk bitcoin triggered volatility at high accuracy. Bitcoin Evolution is superfast and hence beats the markets most of the time.

You don’t have to do anything for the news-trading algorithm to kick in. Bitcoin Evolution determines the strategy to apply based on bitcoin market big data. This robot uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to derive insights from big data.

Bitcoin Evolution Charts Trading

The Bitcoin Evolution charts trading feature is also highly powerful. Charts trading involve a close study of price patterns to determine future price trends.

Bitcoin Evolution studies hundreds of price charts per minute to derive tradable insights. Experts review the bot as one of the most powerful charts trading systems globally.

Bitcoin Evolution generates up to ten highly accurate charts per minute. The charts-driven trading approach is among its most profitable techniques.

How to use Bitcoin Evolution

Now that we have the proof to show that Bitcoin Evolution is genuine and profitable let’s dive into the steps to getting started with it.

STEP ONE: Create a free account

Registration with Bitcoin Evolution is a no brainer since you only need to go to its official site and fill the signup form.

STEP TWO: Fund it with a minimum of USD250

After the signup on the official Bitcoin Evolution website, you will redirect to the partner broker to deposit. Upload the ID verification document and deposit the trading capital.

STEP THREE: Demo trading

The Bitcoin Evolution demo trading system helps you master the live platform before starting a live account. All the information you need to understand the trading platform is available on the site.

STEP FOUR: Live trading

Proceed to the live Bitcoin Evolution account after demo testing. Live trading is a cup of tea after familiarizing yourself with the platform on the demo.

Is Bitcoin Evolution Scam or Genuine System?

We have intensively studied Bitcoin Evolution to determine if it’s a scam or a trustworthy trading system. Find our conclusion in a nutshell below.

  • Bitcoin Evolution has the reputation of a genuine and powerful trading system.
  • The majority of Bitcoin Evolution clients claim-making good money through the trading system.
  • We have analyzed expert feedback and found out that most experts recommend this robot for bitcoin trading.
  • Bitcoin Evolution has put in place foolproof measures to safeguard clients. These include protecting their data and funds.
  • Bitcoin Evolution is working under regulated brokers, and therefore all users have an assurance of full transparency.
  • We have tested Bitcoin Evolution customer service and found it to be responsive. Moreover, the team is knowledgeable and well equipped.

Bitcoin Evolution Review – Popular Countries

As we will see below, Bitcoin Evolution is an online sensation in the best part of the world. Thousands of its users continue to review it extremely well all over the web. Below are the countries where Bitcoin Evolution is trending top today.

Bitcoin Evolution Spain

This robot has a huge following in the Spain. Many of the subreddits we have come across are from clients from this region.

Bitcoin Evolution was reportedly launched on Wall Street before being sold to a trading software company. As is evident in the reviews, Bitcoin Evolution is an internet sensation in the Spain and other countries across europe.

Bitcoin Evolution Australia

This robot has also broken the popularity record in Australia. We have conducted rigorous Google and Yahoo trends research and found it among the top 3 most popular bitcoin-related keywords.

Bitcoin Evolution Australia is customized to fit the Australian audience. The bot reportedly has an office in Sydney. This means that users in this region get more personalized customer support services.

Bitcoin Evolution UK

The UK is the second biggest Bitcoin Evolution market. About 40% of Bitcoin Evolution clients are from this region.

As stated earlier, this trading app is owned by a trading software company headquartered in the UK. This company is a globally recognized trading software provider.

The company has personalized its services to meet the tests and preferences of the clients in the UK. Some reviews allege that Bitcoin Evolution has its headquarters in London.

Bitcoin Evolution Ireland

Ireland is one of the EU countries that have embraced Bitcoin Evolution en-masse. About 20% of Bitcoin Evolution users come from this country.

This robot, through its EU regulated brokers, has been providing signup bonuses for users in Ireland. Some reviews claim that the signup bonuses are up to 100%.

We haven’t managed to confirm if the bonuses are still available. Try signing up with Bitcoin Evolution here if you are in Ireland.

Bitcoin Evolution Kenya

This Eastern Africa country has been in the global limelight in technological adoption. Kenya is best known for mobile banking.

Moreover, it’s among the top countries globally in bitcoin transactions. We have determined that Bitcoin Evolution is highly popular in Kenya.

The robot’s popularity is a result of the country’s attitude towards new technologies. Bitcoin Evolution has appeared in top TV programs in the country.

Bitcoin Evolution Brasil

The South American country also has its fair share of Bitcoin Evolution traffic. We have established that over 100,000 people from this country visit the robot’s site daily.

The robot is in partnership with some of Brazil’s most popular brokers. These brokers are partly the reason for the high popularity in the country.

Bitcoin Evolution has also featured in many of Brazil’s top mainstream media shows. It’s also featured on high-traffic alternative media publications.

Bitcoin Evolution Popularity Score

We have given Bitcoin Evolution a 99% popularity score after analyzing data from various sources.

Bitcoin Evolution is reviewed hundreds of thousands of times, and the feedback is amazing. This robot has many reviews on Reddit, Trustpilot, and Twitter. Surprisingly, some of the clients who have made good money with Bitcoin Evolution have written e-books about their trading experience.

You can find these e-books on Amazon. We have also come across branded Bitcoin Evolution shirts. These shirts are available for sale on multiple websites. It seems that Bitcoin Evolution fans are working hard to form a culture around it.

Bitcoin Evolution on Trustpilot
Trustpilot is another highly dependable review site. All the reviews posted on Trustpilot must reportedly go through a rigorous verification system. This means that only objective reviews are posted on the platform. We have analyzed about five thousand Bitcoin Evolution reviews on Trustpilot. This robot has great feedback from the majority of the reviewers on this platform. Over 90% of Bitcoin Evolution reviewers report earning good profits through the bot. The robot also scores top in customer service.
Bitcoin Evolution Reddit
We haven’t found any other platform with as many Reddit posts as Bitcoin Evolution. This robot has over ten viral subreddits.Each of these subreddits has tens of thousands of comments, most in praise of Bitcoin Evolution. Reddit is a great platform for seeking information about any subject. It has particularly gained massive popularity in the trading community. In June 2021, CNBC reported a Reddit-fueled trading frenzy for stock and commodities. The frenzy has also been experienced in bitcoin trading.
Bitcoin Evolution Twitter
We have come across hundreds of trending Bitcoin Evolution tweets. These tweets are mostly in praise of this trading robot. As we will see later in this review, some of the viral tweets have been identified to spread fake news about this bot. These tweets link this bot with celebrities and top TV programs. We have established that those posting them aim to divert traffic to some cloned sites. Avoid following the links in similar posts when seeking to visit the official Bitcoin Evolution site

Bitcoin Evolution Amazon

We have come across e-books written about this bitcoin trading robot. These books are testimonials from people who made millions of dollars trading with the robot. At least two Bitcoin Evolution e-books have gone viral on the platform. This robot’s popularity has made it a brand name in most countries.

Bitcoin Evolution shirt – Viral Brand!
We have come across branded Bitcoin Evolution shirts being sold on the internet. This means that this bitcoin trading robot has built a trading culture. The shirts are popular with crypto traders. One site claims to have sold over fifty thousand Bitcoin Evolution shirts within a week. This robot has been trending for the best part of this year, and hence most of the sales have been made in the last few months. Bitcoin Evolution is undoubtedly in high demand. This means that only the lucky ones succeed to secure an account with it.

Bitcoin Evolution and Celebrity Gossip

This trading system has made headlines in over 20 countries since the beginning of this year. Some of the countries where Bitcoin Evolution is trending include the UK, the US, Germany, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Brazil.

This robot’s media coverage in these countries is huge. Its popularity has also attracted fake news and celebrity gossip, as explained below.

Bitcoin Evolution Bear Grylls
Bear Grylls is another celebrity falsely associated with Bitcoin Evolution. Our team of experts has fact-checked the Bear Grylls bitcoin claims and found them to be false. These claims mostly appear on gossip blogs and social media. Neither Bitcoin Evolution nor Bear Grylls has released a statement about these claims. Our investigative team has concluded that this is mere celebrity gossip. Gossip blogs are using this rumour as clickbait to their sites. 
Bitcoin Evolution Bill Gates
Bill Gates is among the richest men in the world. He is the brain behind Microsoft and other top companies. We have seen many quotes proving that Bill Gates is a big fan of bitcoin. But did he endorse trading it through the Bitcoin Evolution app? Our team has fact-checked the claims and didn’t find any proof. The posts associating Bitcoin Evolution with Bill Gates are clickbait to get you to visit the celebrity gossip sites
Bitcoin Evolution Richard Branson
Richard Branson is a British billionaire and the founder and CEO of the Virgin Atlantic conglomerate. He has been vocal about blockchain, bitcoin and crypto in general since 2015. Richard Branson is among the celebrities who have openly expressed their admiration for bitcoin. According to Branson, bitcoin has the power to replace fiat as a global currency. We haven’t found any proof of the Bitcoin Evolution Richard Branson claims. Therefore you should treat the rumours as mere celebrity gossip. 


Bitcoin Evolution Elton John
Elton John is a veteran celebrity musician. Some celebrity gossip platforms in the US mention him among the musicians invested in bitcoin. We have seen publications claiming that he has put millions of dollars into Bitcoin Revolution. However, we haven’t found the facts to confirm these claims. Neither Bitcoin Evolution nor Elton John has released a statement regarding these claims. It’s therefore highly likely that they are false.
Bitcoin Evolution Jordi Cruz
Jordi Cruz is a Spanish celebrity chef. He is very vocal about emerging events, but it’s unclear whether he is invested in bitcoin. A viral rumour on one of Spain’s top celebrity gossip blogs claims that he has disclosed trading bitcoin with Bitcoin Evolution. We have fact-checked these claims on the official Bitcoin Evolution website and didn’t find any proof. The claims are likely clickbait celebrity gossip. Gossip blogs are known to use trending subjects to create clickbait headlines. 
Bitcoin Evolution ITV
There is the likelihood that Bitcoin Evolution has been featured in one of the ITV shows, given its popularity. However, it’s unlikely that it has paid millions of dollars for marketing campaigns during prime time ITV shows. Bitcoin Evolution hasn’t participated in any paid marketing campaigns.This robot is a viral trend due to its insane performance. It’s receiving huge traffic on the internet in 2021. The robot has even limited the number of new daily signups. It’s therefore unlikely that it would participate in the said marketing campaigns. 
Bitcoin Evolution ABC News
Some other high traffic gossip blogs allege that Bitcoin Evolution has started a million-dollar campaign through the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) network. We have fact-checked these claims and didn’t find any proof. As stated above, Bitcoin Evolution hasn’t participated in any form of paid marketing. This robot is a viral trend in all the supported countries and therefore doesn’t need to do any marketing. 
Bitcoin Evolution Daily Mirror
Daily Mirror is a British tabloid covering trending news in politics, finance, technology, and business. This tabloid has millions of readers in the UK alone. We have come across viral posts claiming that this bot has set aside a huge budget for advertising on the Daily Mirror. However, this is not true. Bitcoin Evolution doesn’t engage in any paid marketing campaigns. This robot is an internet sensation and doesn’t need any form of marketing to reach the masses. 

Is Bitcoin Evolution App Scam or not? Final Word!

We are confident that Bitcoin Evolution is genuine and trustworthy. Moreover, we have all the facts to indicate that it’s profitable.

All these facts have been discussed in detail in this review. Bitcoin Evolution utilizes powerful and sophisticated algorithms to carry out trading on behalf of the users. The trading technologies applied by this bot combined with its trading strategies make it the most advanced auto-trading robot for bitcoin.

Bitcoin Evolution is available globally, even though a few countries aren’t eligible. You can check whether you are in one of the supported countries by visiting their website here. Bitcoin Evolution has been receiving a windfall of registration requests lately.

As a result, the robot has reduced the number of signup slots daily.  Only a lucky few manage to secure an account on the first try. You need to try your luck by keep visiting the Bitcoin Evolution site. Some people claim to secure slots after visiting the site many times.

We are amazed by the awesome profits associated with this robot. About 80% of Bitcoin Evolution site clients claim that the robot has changed their life for good. Some claim that it has helped liberate them from debt and live their financial dreams.

Bitcoin Evolution has the power to turn a small investment of $250 into a fortune. Most people have started with such a small amount and grown to become crypto millionaires. But profitability is never guaranteed. You need to treat Bitcoin Evolution as highly risky and only trade with what you can afford to lose.

Starting with the minimum trading capital is ideal. This is because it gives you the peace of mind to observe how the bot responds to market trends and capitalize on them. Putting a lot of money in the beginning, may cause panic hence making you lose focus.

Try your luck in crypto trading today by signing up with Bitcoin Evolution. Trading BTC especially on leverage, involves a significant degree of risk.


Is Bitcoin Evolution profitable?

There is a high likelihood of becoming a bitcoin millionaire through Bitcoin Evolution than traditionally investing in bitcoin. This trading bot reportedly makes crypto trading highly profitable.

Where do I find the Bitcoin Evolution demo?

The Bitcoin Evolution demo is only available after the registration. You can find the demo link on the trading resources dashboard.

Do I pay to access the Bitcoin Evolution login page?

No! You don’t pay a dime to trade with Bitcoin Evolution. Registration is also free, and a trading commission is only taken from the profitable accounts.

Is Bitcoin Evolution a scam or not?

We have checked Bitcoin Evolution rigorously and didn’t find information to suggest that it’s not trustworthy. This bitcoin robot has robust measures in place to ensure high-level transparency.

How do I download the Bitcoin Evolution app?

Bitcoin Evolution app can only be downloaded on its website. You must be a fully registered user to access the download link. Bitcoin Evolution app is hybrid and therefore compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices.

Is the Bitcoin Evolution signup page safe?

Yes! The Bitcoin Evolution signup page is secured through powerful RSA encryption to prevent data theft. You don’t have to worry about personal information leakage when signing up with this robot.

Are Bitcoin Evolution Brokers safe?

This robot has entered into a partnership with high-quality brokers. The brokers are monitored in tier-one jurisdictions and are therefore safe.