Bitcoin Buyer Review 2022 – Is it a Profitable Software for Bitcoin Buyers and Sellers? The $250 test!

Bitcoin Buyer is a powerful computer program that eliminates the hustles of the traditional way of buying and selling bitcoin.

The program’s algorithms use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to study bitcoin price patterns to determine profitable buying and selling points. Bitcoin Buyer reportedly applies sophisticated strategies to make money from the slightest price movements.

Most Bitcoin Buyer users praise it for ease of use and profitability. You should be able to use it successfully even if you are completely new to crypto and trading. Moreover, you only need to set aside less than 20 minutes daily to adjust the settings for live trading.

This means that you can comfortably continue with your daily schedule as Bitcoin Buyer works for you. But is Bitcoin Buyer a scam, or can it be trusted?  We have prepared an in-depth review to respond to this and many other questions.

This review is unbiased and based on an in-depth analysis of feedback from experts and robot’s users. We have also carried out thorough tests on the platform. Only register with Bitcoin Buyer after reading this review to the end.

Bitcoin Buyer Review – Top Questions!

The top questions to be answered in this kickass Bitcoin Buyer review are listed below. You can leave us a comment at the bottom of this review if you have a question not answered in this review.

  • What is Bitcoin Buyer?
  • Is Bitcoin Buyer legit?
  • How do I use Bitcoin Buyer?
  • Can I make profits with Bitcoin Buyer?
  • How do I download the Bitcoin Buyer app?
  • Are the Elon Musk Bitcoin Buyer claims legit?
  • Does Bitcoin Buyer support quick withdrawals?
  • Are the Bitcoin Buyer David Cheriton Rumors legit?
  • Did Bitcoin Buyer raise money through the Dragons Den Show?
  • What are the Pros and Cons of trading with the Bitcoin Buyer?

You can jump to the FAQs section at the bottom of this page to find short answers to these questions. It would be great if you could peruse this Bitcoin Buyer review to the end before signing up.

Bitcoin Buyer App Review – Key Points

We have scrutinized Bitcoin Buyer to determine whether it works and is as profitable as most reviewers claim. Our in-depth investigation has taken into account feedback from verified clients as well as experts. The feedback is generally great, with many individual reviewers alleging to make money online through this bot.

TypeBitcoin Robot
Trading statusUSD250
Minimum balanceWeb and mobile
Maximum amount per withdrawalFully automated
Average daily profitability rateUp to 90% on BTC booms
WithdrawalsFree and Fast
Security level USD20000
Partner brokers regulationFCA, ASIC, CySEC, FSB, and others
Partner brokers regulation128-bit RSA encryption
Partner brokers regulation24/5 via email, live chat, and phone

Bitcoin Buyer is the most reviewed passive online income tool in 2021. It has attracted massive attention from the masses, given that it’s super profitable and completely easy to use. The majority of successful Bitcoin Buyer users claim never participating in any form of trading before.

Bitcoin Buyer buys and sells bitcoin through popular derivatives known as Contract for Differences (CFDs). With CFDs, you get to place bets on an asset without having to physically own it. Moreover, this derivative allows you to bet on both the rise and the fall.

This explains why Bitcoin Buyer users report consistent performance despite plummeting BTC prices. Read our in-depth intro to BTC CFDs trading, or keep reading for more information about the Bitcoin Buyer system.

What is Bitcoin Buyer?

Bitcoin Buyer is a web-based program for automated trading. This means that you need to sign up on its official website to participate in trading. Bitcoin Buyer uses some very powerful algorithms to analyze bitcoin price patterns and identify trading opportunities. The robot predicts future price directions and places bets using the renowned BTC CFDs derivatives.

Bitcoin Buyer makes it extremely easy to make huge profits off bitcoin. The profitability associated with this bot is a hundred times higher than what you could earn through the traditional ways of buying and selling bitcoin. Expert traditional bitcoin buyers and sellers only make money when the prices rise. On the other hand, Bitcoin Buyer makes money from both the price gains and falls. Automated trading has been around since the 1990s and has made many people rich.

Billionaire such as George Soros, Stanley Druckenmiller, and Andy Krieger made their wealth through automated forex and stock trading robots. Bitcoin robots are new in the market but already proving to have the power to make people rich. The Bitcoin Buyer trading system is reviewed by the majority of trading gurus as one of the most profitable tools in 2021. An analysis of the feedback from most of its clients indicates that it can generate returns of up to 90% during high market volatility.

Bitcoin Buyer Guide: Getting Started!

Now that we have the facts to prove that Bitcoin Buyer is dependable let’s look at how you can get started with it.

This bitcoin trading robot is among those classified as completely beginner-friendly. Bitcoin Buyer algorithms perform trading research automatically and send the signals to the partner broker for execution.

Consequently, the bot doesn’t require any manual technical input to operate. The user only needs to sign up, set the bot, and go live. An easy to follow setting guide is available to help you navigate the settings easily.

We insist that you put enough effort to set the robot as required since failure to do so could lead to a negative outcome. Some Bitcoin Buyer users have lost all their trading capital by not setting the robot correctly. The steps to get you rolling with Bitcoin Buyer are explained below.

STEP ONE: Register for free

Sign up with Bitcoin Buyer official site using the form on the top right corner of the page. You should be able to access the robot’s site without a VPN if it’s available in your county.

Bitcoin Buyer supports users from many countries and hence offers multilingual services. Navigate to the header of the Bitcoin Buyer website and click the flag tab to select a language of your choice.

Sign up to Bitcoin BuyerSTEP TWO: Verify your trading account

You will instantly be matched with a locally regulated Bitcoin Buyer partner broker on clicking the proceed button.

All Bitcoin Buyer brokers are highly regulated and fully compliant with global anti-money-laundering laws. You will be asked to take a photo of your government-issued identification document and upload it with the broker.

The proof of identity is a global Know Your Customer (KYC) requirement for all financial institutions.

STEP THREE: Fund your trading account

The least you can invest with Bitcoin Buyer is USD250. The investment is what the robot uses to place orders through the partner brokers.

Bitcoin Buyer has entrusted its partner brokers with taking deposits from the public and facilitating trading. This review has determined that the partner brokers are well regulated and therefore transparent and safe.

Funding your Bitcoin Buyer account via the broker is easy. Select the preferred deposit method and specify the amount you would want to invest.

STEP FOUR: Practice on a Demo

You will instantly redirect to the Bitcoin Buyer trading resources page after completing the deposit.

This robot runs on autopilot, but settings must be adjusted manually. The most important manual settings are the Stop Loss and Take Profit tools. Read the Bitcoin Buyer risk control tool carefully and try different settings on the demo.

Bitcoin Buyer offers a dedicated account manager to walk with you through the trading preparation stage.

STEP FIVE: Start a live sessionLive trading with Bitcoin Buyer takes place at the click of the ‘Live Session’ button. The robot’s algorithms will kick in at the click of the button and do the heavy lifting for you.

You don’t have to log in to monitor the trading progress since the bot sends regular progress reports straight to your phone. Bitcoin Buyer allows you to automate non-technical functions such as withdrawals.

You can automate the withdrawal to occur during certain days or when a given level of profitability is reached.

Is Bitcoin Buyer a scam or not? Key Findings!

We have studied Bitcoin Buyer closely to determine if it’s worth it. As mentioned earlier, our bitcoin robot tests take into account verified feedback from clients and experts. We have dived the many Bitcoin Buyer reviews all over the web. Clients have reviewed this robot in their tens of thousands on Trustpilot, Forex Peace Army, and Reddit platforms.

If the ratings are anything to go by, then Bitcoin Buyer is a super performer. The reviewers indicate that the profitability can climb to 90% during high volatility periods. According to several expert reviewers, the average daily profit with Bitcoin Buyer is 15%. This rate of return is huge and enough to generate huge returns out of small accounts. You must take the compounding route to grow your account if you get started with $250. Invest more money if you can afford it to start generating considerable profits from the first day.

Bitcoin Buyer reportedly operates on the blockchain and therefore observes high transparency measures. Moreover, this bot has disclosed every vital detail to help users determine whether it’s worth an investment. We didn’t find any grievance about Bitcoin Buyer fees. This bot claims not to charge any other fee apart from the 2% commission on profits. The linked partner brokers are ECN, and hence the trading fees are insignificant.

Our team of software engineers has carried out penetration testing on the Bitcoin Buyer website to determine if it’s safe. The site is allegedly secured through military-grade encryption and is therefore foolproof from cyberattacks. Try your luck with Bitcoin Buyer here, or read on to learn more.

How popular is Bitcoin Buyer

If the many reviews out there are anything to go by, then this robot is insanely popular. We have combed the internet for Bitcoin Buyer reviews and found out that tens of thousands have reviewed it on platforms such as Reddit and Trustpilot.

Bitcoin Buyer Trustpilot
This platform verifies all feedback and is a good source of information. We have hundreds of Bitcoin Buyer reviews on this platform and concluded that most people are happy with this bot. 
Bitcoin Buyer Reddit
We have unearthed over 15 Bitcoin Buyer subreddits. About 10 of these subreddits are highly popular. Each of these has at least 5 thousand community participants. All the subreddits praise this robot. 

Can I access Bitcoin Buyer from my country?

Bitcoin Buyer claims to be accessible from over 130 countries word wide. This means that you can reach its website in these countries.

However, signup slots are few, and therefore you will be lucky to be able to register. Even so, there is no reason as to why you shouldn’t try your luck. Bitcoin Buyer has been trending in the countries below for over a year.

These countries are identified as their top market. This robot has made it to the mainstream media in these countries.

Bitcoin Buyer Australia

The popularity of Bitcoin Buyer in Australia is rising daily. This trading bot alleges that over 20% of its clients are from this country. We are amazed by the heavy web traffic Bitcoin Buyer is receiving from this region.

Five of the ten Bitcoin Buyer partner brokers are regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). This indicates the robot’s strong commitment to operating transparently.

Bitcoin Buyer Canada

Canada is another top market for Bitcoin Buyer. The robot claims that this is one of its top markets. Some of Bitcoin Buyer partner brokers are also regulated here.

Canadians may enjoy deposit bonuses through some of the locally regulated partner brokers. However, the bonuses are offered periodically and are not guaranteed.

Bitcoin Buyer Dubai

Dubai is a cosmopolitan country, with 83% of the occupants being foreign-born. This city is growing rapidly and proving to be a big global hub for emerging tech.

Crypto trading is huge in the country, with trading robots such as Bitcoin Buyer gaining massive popularity. Bitcoin Buyer has been making headlines in Dubai for the last six months.

Bitcoin Buyer Nigeria

Nigeria is leading the world in crypto adoption. Just recently, the government of Nigeria has launched crypto known as the e-Naira.

The country’s appetite for crypto has also made its top market for Bitcoin Buyer. We have established that this robot is receiving huge traffic from Nigeria.

Bitcoin Buyer Malaysia

We are also amazed by the explosive popularity of Bitcoin Buyer in Malaysia. The rise in popularity is associated with wide mainstream media coverage.

Bitcoin Buyer is reportedly providing extra signup slots to Malaysians. The robot claims to be working with at least five of the country’s leading brokers.

Bitcoin Buyer and Celebrities

As explained earlier, Bitcoin Buyer is one of the most reviewed bitcoin trading bots on the internet today.

The high popularity has made it a magnet for celebrity gossip and fake news. Some unverified news sources have associated this bot with top celebrities. We have also found posts claiming that Bitcoin Buyer has advertised on primetime TV in the UK, Australia, and Germany.

Bitcoin Buyer Elon Musk
Bitcoin Buyer Elon Musk
Must is the world’s richest man, according to Forbes. He is interested in crypto, but it’s still unclear whether he has any interests in the Bitcoin Buyer software.
Bitcoin Buyers höhle der löwen
This German TV program is a franchise of the Dragons Den. We didn’t find evidence linking Bitcoin Buyer to this show.
Bitcoin Buyer  Dragons Den
This BBC show is aired in Canada and the UK. The gossip platforms allege that Bitcoin Buyer was pitched on this show. However, we didn’t find any coverage from the said episode. This is, therefore, fake news.

Bitcoin Buyer Review App – Final Word!

We conclude that Bitcoin Buyer is a useful tool for anyone looking to venture into bitcoin trading. This trading tool is arguably super-profitable, with a daily return rate of up to 90%. Bitcoin Buyer is built using Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is the core technology in automated trading. Big banks such as Goldman Sachs and HSBC are investing billions of dollars towards developing AI-driven trading systems.

Bitcoin Buyer is one of the few specialized BTC trading robots that depend on AI. The robot competes with the trading systems offered by the big banks. Trading robots offered by the big banks require hefty investments on top of trading fees. For instance, top banks in Wall Street require investors to have a capital of at least $1 million to invest in the highly profitable AI-driven systems. Moreover, the banks take at least 2% of the trading capital as account management fees. This is despite taking a 20% commission on profitable trades.

Bitcoin Buyer bridges the gap by making AI-driven auto-trading accessible to the masses. Only a $250 deposit is required to get started with this bot. Moreover, there are no charges until you start earning profits. Bitcoin Buyer only takes a small commission on the profitable trades. This means that you won’t pay a single cent until you are profitable. Bitcoin Buyer has an astounding rate of return, with daily profitability climbing to 90% during high volatility. This bot has great feedback all over, but you shouldn’t assume that it’s risk-free. We insist that you treat Bitcoin Buyer as risky and only deposit what you can afford to lose.


Is Bitcoin Buyer fake?

No! Bitcoin Buyer is not a fake trading bot. We have put it under rigorous legitimacy tests and concluded that it could be trusted.

Is Bitcoin Buyer profitable?

A close look at Bitcoin Buyer feedback on the web confirms that it’s profitable. The robot is reviewed as super-profitable by most of the experts and individual consumers.

What is a Bitcoin Trading bot?

This is a computer program equipped with powerful technologies to automatically perform bitcoin trading.

Is it a good idea to trade with Bitcoin Buyer?

We find Bitcoin Buyer to be worthwhile, and it’s a good idea to give it a shot. This robot could transform your financial life within a few months.

Can I get scammed using Bitcoin Buyer?

Bitcoin Buyer is not a scam. We have tested this bitcoin robot thoroughly and found nothing to suggest that it’s not trustworthy.

How do I make more money with Bitcoin Buyer?

Bitcoin Buyer is automated, but this doesn’t imply that you can influence its performance. Trade when the volatility is at its peak to make the most out of it.

Is Bitcoin Buyer safe?

We have concluded that Bitcoin Buyer has adequate safety measures in place. These measures safeguard personal data as well as clients’ funds. Bitcoin Buyer operates in a highly transparent and regulated environment.