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Median Consumer Remains Income Constrained

Written by Steven Hansen Even after the good gains shown for personal consumer income in January 2014, this factor continues to constrain economic expansion.

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Riding the Health Care Cost Rocket

Written by Steven Hansen When I read informed opinion on health care costs going up or going down, I visualize the scenes in the Exorcist (Linda Blair’s head rotating a complete 360 degrees or her pea soup hurling). It really depends … Continue reading

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The USA Economy Is Slowing

Written by Steven Hansen The economy appears to be decelerating. Consider that the advance estimate 4Q2013 GDP was 3.2% growth while GDP growth in the previous quarter (3Q2013) was 4.1%. Currently the headlines of components used to compile 1Q2014 GDP … Continue reading

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Consumer Has Fallen Off the Wagon Again

Written by Steven Hansen Late last week the consumer credit report for December 2013 was issued by the Federal Reserve. I am beginning to wonder if the consumer is not getting drunk again on credit.

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Corporate Income, Productivity and Skynet Has Been Activated

Written by Steven Hansen There have been several posts recently in cyberspace talking about the disproportionate growth of corporate earnings to the earnings of our Joe Sixpack.

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