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The Economic Impact of Inward FDI on the US

The US has once again ranked among the top two recipient countries for foreign direct investment. This column examines the effects of these large FDI inflows on the US domestic economy. Continue reading

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Clarifying the Debate about Deflation Concerns

by Mickey Levy, Voxeu.org A popular view among economic commentators is that rich countries face a serious risk of deflation, and should adopt aggressive macroeconomic stimulus policies to ward it off. This column argues that despite similar headline inflation rates, … Continue reading

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Public Debt and Economic Growth: There Is No ‘Tipping Point’

by Markus Eberhardt and Andrea F. Presbitero, Voxeu.org Published at Voxeu.org 17 November 2013 The idea that there is a common tipping point in the relationship between public debt and economic growth is still widespread. However, this is likely due … Continue reading

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Capital Adequacy and Hidden Risk

by Mike Mariathasan and Ouarda Merrouche Originally published 29 June 2013 at Voxeu.org The regulation of bank capital has recently come under renewed scrutiny. This column argues that the way we implement capital regulation needs to be reconsidered because banks … Continue reading

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Escaping Liquidity Traps: Lessons from the UK’s 1930s Escape

by Nicholas Crafts This article was originally published by Voxeu.org on May 12, 2013 The UK escaped a liquidity trap in the 1930s and enjoyed a strong economic recovery. This column argues that what drove this recovery was ‘unconventional’ monetary … Continue reading

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