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Public Debt and Economic Growth: There Is No ‘Tipping Point’

by Markus Eberhardt and Andrea F. Presbitero, Voxeu.org Published at Voxeu.org 17 November 2013 The idea that there is a common tipping point in the relationship between public debt and economic growth is still widespread. However, this is likely due … Continue reading

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Reinhart. Rogoff. Wrong.

by Dirk Ehnts, Econoblog101 This is a major scandal of economists finding a result which does not hold under closer scrutiny. Back in 2010, which is just the year that European austerity policies were put into place, the authors published … Continue reading

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After the Fall – Why the Future Looks Bleak

The next decade will have slow income growth and elevated unemployment. This is not only my opinion, but that of Carmen M. Reinhart and Vincent R. Reinhart in their paper entitled After the Fall – an analysis of past financial crises and forecasts how the Great Recession will play out. Continue reading

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Existing Home Sales Drop In July 2010 – What Should We Think?

Existing home sales collapsed in July following the end of Federal tax credit programs. Continue reading

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