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December 2013 Producer Prices Grow, Above Expectations

Written by Steven Hansen The Producer Price Index again moderately inflated this month and now the year-over-year growth is slightly above 1%. This index is volatile (noisy).

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The Two Economic Juries of the Atlantic

Age of Wisdom, Age of Foolishness (10): “The American Jury Is Out, But the European Jury Has Voted” Written by Adam Whitehead, KeySignals.com The American jury was still out in the first real trading week of the New Year. The … Continue reading

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Two Historic Retreats: 1812 and 1218

How Do 1812 and 12-18 Compare? Age of Wisdom, Age of Foolishness (8) Written by Adam Whitehead, KeySignals.com The historic significance of the number sequences “18/12” and “12/18” depend on which side of the Atlantic one lives on. Europeans will … Continue reading

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Keynes and the Europeans: Similarities of ICU and EMU

by Dirk Ehnts, Econoblog101 The International Clearing Union (also called Bancor plan) that Keynes proposed at the Bretton Woods conference has received some renewed interest over the years, culminating in the EMU’s macroeconomic imbalance procedure which is at least partly … Continue reading

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Barack Obama, Adam Smith, and the Minimum Wage

by Timothy Taylor, Conversable Economist Posted originally at Conversable Economist, o6 December 2013. In a speech recently on economic mobility, President Barack Obama quoted Adam Smith in support of a higher minimum wage. Given that minimum wage laws were not … Continue reading

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