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Exaggerating Demographics

Written by Steven Hansen One of the common beliefs of the new normal is the demographic shift to an aging population which does not spend money – lowering the historical GDP potential. This is discussed as being one of the … Continue reading

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Who Is Standing Up for the Middle Class?

Written by Steven Hansen Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman opined: The point is that a party committed to small government and low taxes on the rich is, more or less necessarily, a party committed to hurting, not helping, the poor. Will … Continue reading

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Household Incomes Below $30,000

by Catherine Mulbrandon, Visualizing Economics Editor’s Note: Catherine Mulbrandon has created innovative graphic designs to produce visualizations of economic facts and data and unique infographics.  Her work can be presented through graphics with a minimum of explanatory text. Click on … Continue reading

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South Asian Poor: Is There Any Hope?

by Ejaz Ghani, Lakshmi Iyer and Saurabh Mishra Voxeu While the rate of economic growth in India and other South Asian countries is impressive, it does raise the question of whether this growth is inclusive. This column looks at a … Continue reading

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U.S. Economy: A Lost Decade Into The Great Middle Class Poverty?

In yet another sign that the Great Recession cuts deep and long–the number of Americans living below the official poverty line reached 46.2 million, the highest in 52 years since the Census Bureau started tracking the figures in 1959. Continue reading

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