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Riding the Health Care Cost Rocket

Written by Steven Hansen When I read informed opinion on health care costs going up or going down, I visualize the scenes in the Exorcist (Linda Blair’s head rotating a complete 360 degrees or her pea soup hurling). It really depends … Continue reading

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Making The Case Against Austerity

by Stephanie Kelton This article was originally published in New Economic Perspectives Neil Irwin at Wonkblog has a new post up:  The Deficit is Falling Fast. Can Washington Accept Victory? He quotes John Makin of the American Enterprise Institute, who says, … Continue reading

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Mental Illness and Homelessness

by Mieke Dale-Harris, Institute for Advanced Studies Last week “Giving to beggars is bad and exploitative labor is good” was posted. This article cited people’s rationalizations for not giving to beggars. Two of the major public perceptions of beggars that … Continue reading

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The Great Debate©: Is Healthcare a Right?

Editor’s note: Three weeks ago GEI published an Opinion article  by Michael Kulla entitled “Health Care Paradox:  Red Tap, Lobbies, Political Posturing . . . and Sick People.” The following article was submitted to discuss and debate some of the … Continue reading

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Healthcare: An Economic Cancer

by Big Issues Today
This article is about the economics of healthcare. It is instructive to consider an example of one of the most devastating and costly diseases as a metaphor for the problems that the U.S. healthcare system faces – out of control growth. Continue reading

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