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JP Morgan Revisited – When Is Fraud Really Fraud?

Last Week’s Market Action Summarized Into A-Two Minute Read – Asian, European, and US Markets. USD Rally A Leading Indicator Of FOMC Surprise.The following is a partial summary of the conclusions from the fxempire.com weekly analysts’ meeting in which we share thoughts and conclusions about the weekly outlook for the major currency pairs. Continue reading

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Top 5 Mistakes Business Make When Considering Bankruptcy

by Tom Eldridge Large amounts of deleveraging have taken place in the private sector. There is a lot more yet to be done, as implied by the following graph. Click on graph for larger image.

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Thirty-Year History of Deregulation

By William K. Black, New Economic Perspectives The imminent passage of the fraud-friendly JOBS Act caused me to reflect on the fact that the worst anti-regulatory travesties in the financial sphere have had broad, bipartisan support.  The Garn-St Germain Act … Continue reading

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EU Ignores Falsification of Greek Public Finance Data

by Guest Author ECB Watch This is a companion to another article to be published Draghi Nomination Based on Deception.  Here, we address the broader issue of the falsification of Greece’s public finance data.   We will look into Eurostat audits (Walter … Continue reading

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The Great Debate©: Does Government Create Uncertainty and Prolong the Recession?

This is a debate between Scott R. Baker (Stanford Univ.), Nicholas Bloom (Stanford Univ.) and Steven J. Davis (Univ. of Chicago) PRO and William K. Black (Univ. of Missouri Kansas City) ANTI The first presentation in the debate (the PRO … Continue reading

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